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9 Habits For PERMANENT Weight Loss

These are 9 habits for permanent weight loss. Losing weight with a diet plan and a workout plan can work but to change your life and body permanently you have to maintain the same habits as other successful people. Learn the 9 habits to lose weight naturally.

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#1 Don’t deny yourself the food you love – 0:19
#2 Start exercising with heavy weights – 2:37
#3 Practice fasting regularly – 3:51
#4 Exercise first thing in the morning – 4:38
#5 Focus on progressive overload – 5:20
#6 Practice lowering your sugar consumption – 5:48
#7 Stick to mostly single ingredient food sources – 6:32
#8 Try to exercise every day – 7:05
#9 Consistency – 8:15

Today we’re going over the 9 habits that are going to change your body forever and when I say forever I’m talking about you getting in the shape you want to be in and staying there. Most people can only dream of maintaining a lean body year round but today I’m going to show you the nine habits that will help you do just that…lets start with number 1 don’t deny yourself the food you love. You were probably not expecting that one, but it’s true if you want to transform your body and actually maintain your results you can’t stay restricted with your diet plan 4 too long. When you tell yourself that you cant eat something for a couple weeks it’s totally different than telling yourself you can never eat that something ever again. If you really love pizza and you decide you’re never eating it again in fact you’re never even going to think about it again, youve just locked yourself into a psycological wrestling match. One that you’re probably gonna lose because suppressing a thought only makes you think about that thought more. A much better strategy to deal with your cravings when your on a long-term plan is by not having any restrictions but instead understanding your body better. What I mean is that we have two different types of hunger. The physical feeling of hunger and your minds interpertation of that feeling of hunger. The physical feelings are things like your stomach growling and feeling empty maybe even your mouth watering or feeling low on energy, but most people never even experience the physical feeling of hunger because before they even can their mind hunger has already taken over. All the sudden your mind space becomes full of all these wonderful suggestions of things that will end your hunger and usually none of them are healthy. And like I just said suppressing thoughts will only make you think of those thoughts more so the best way to handle this is to allow yourself to eat whatever your mind is telling you that you really want however the catch is that before you allow yourself to have that pizza, cookie, or ice cream before you eat whatever it is that your mind is telling you you want you have to first handle the physical feeling of hunger by having a high protein, high veggetable, healthy carb meal. Now the reason why I want you to do this is because your minds hunger isn’t real its an illusion, it’s just a reaction to your body’s physical feeling of hunger & as soon as you satisfy that physical feeling of hunger 90 percent of the time you won’t even want to eat whatever it is that you were obsessing over & if you still do help yourself because you’re not going to eat very much of it before you’re full. You’ll be mind blown at how amazing this strategy is. Try it I can go on & on about how great this is but there’s still eight other habits that we have to go over so let’s move on to the next one which is to start exercising with heavy weights. Lifting heavier weights releases more muscle-growth & fat-burning hormones than lifting light weights. As long as your moving at a moderate pace you’ll be able to burn way more calories & get way more done within a shorter period of time. Also for naturals lifting heavier weights helps encourage more protein synthesis, which isn’t as much of a concern for steroid users, but for naturals this leads to greater muscle gains. My favorite rep range is six to eight reps so when I say heavy I’m not talking about power lifting, but you want to pick a weight that you can’t do more than 8 reps. If you can do that weight for more then 8 reps then its time to move up to a heavier weight. The heavier the weight the more calories you’ll burn with each rep, & by using heavier weight you’ll activate more fast twitch muscle fibers & release lots of fat burning hormones allowing you to continue burning fat hours after your workout during the recovery process. You’ll also build more bone density & lifting heavy weights consistently will help increase your metabolism. Point is lift heavy weights


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    I stopped soda and snacks and processed food frozen meals and restaurant food and all I eat is vegetables and fruits i workout 30 minutes a day and walk two hours a day for seven days a week but I’m not losing any weight how plz help

  2. You said lift heavier weight but what if you own no weight? Would doing more Reps be more beneficial then?

  3. Ever since I have started off this kind of “Yamzoko Weebly” dietary regimen (Google it) I`ve dropped 17 pounds. It may nothing short of amagic. This diet plan gives good results extremely quick and I think it’s great. There is certainly a big difference regarding how my favorite top fits at this moment as compared Six days before. .

  4. These all make perfect sense. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I actually enjoy going to the gym but I didn’t think I would (I’m new )

  6. What is a good amount of time to dedicate to the gym everyday for a beginner?

  7. I love how you use the word "practice" to form habits.

  8. You rock man , your advice is 100% correct . I follow you and really appreciate your content

  9. You actually gave some good advice! Ive lost 50 pounds this year, after getting in the habit of working out and running 4 times a week and picking up healthier eating habits too. Even now sometimes those cravings and lazy tendencies come back to me in waves, so this advice helps.

  10. Explain good things about weight loss, now l will do what I saying

  11. It' s no rocket science, this is just the simple truth!

  12. I disliked this video because i got a William Painter ad

  13. You are an absolutely great fitness and motivational speaker. Great job coach

  14. I don’t think these tips would work for a lot of people. Especially the one about not depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

  15. Handy tips, but my god please for the love of all our ears, dampen the sound reflections in this room! The echoing makes this hard to listen to!

  16. That thumbnail person looking like Abobo from double dragon

  17. I will say this. The way you present these tips is mostly in an achievable way. You don't say "ban this" or "you must do that." The language seemed to be about "increasing this" and "lowering that." Well done.

  18. I love that you actually put your list of tips in the description. Great reference. 🙂

  19. This video is basically click bait….because you say one thing and then everyone thinks that ok, while leading to saying not to do it without saying it…lol

  20. How does one start working out if one has to wake up at 4am for work?

  21. First item on the list: don't stop eating what you love

    Doctor: if you don't avoid eggs in every form and even cross contamination, you will go into anaphylaxis

    Me: but I love eggs and they're healthy… 🙁 :C D: :/

  22. This is making me so mad cuz i realize the fatass i am lol

  23. Great educational video for kids or if you in mid twenties and a complete looser. The guy who made this video is a bit gay but hey, it's 2019 so who cares.

  24. For the course of three years testing, failing and trying, I've come up to the conclusion that there are two things that constantly kick me out of my weight loss plans- lack of sleep and alcohol. Since I started my year-long Sober challenge and sleeping at 9 sharp, I don't even need motivation to get me going.

  25. Ive lost 30kg and these tips are absolutely 100% spot on.

  26. I appreciate the work you put into your channel and all the information you provide. Regarding the 9 habits above, I struggle with working out every day. The reason is I work 12 hour shifts and by the time I get home and have dinner, I'm already looking at less than 8 hours of sleep before I have to get up and go back to work. What can I do? It's either work out (which actually gives me energy and makes it difficult to sleep) or get enough sleep so I can feel well rested. I appreciate any tips you can provide. Thanks again!

  27. You lost me at the fasting one, aren't you more likely to over eat if you starve yourself?

  28. 2:30 so basically you want me to order a whole pepperoni pizza , eat a healthy dish first than a single piece of pizza and throw the rest away?
    talk about waste

  29. we’re all so used to three meals a day, but as someone that goes to school it’s 4-5 meals a day.

  30. This guy actually seems to understand people.

  31. Isn't exercising evreyday is bad for you?

  32. this really sunk in… i've seen countless of weight loss clips, but this one made me get up and start my very difficult challenging journey..

  33. 0:04 That pause face, though.
    In all seriousness, I love the balanced, reasonable approach outlined in this video. It's not about crazy hard-stops or drastic initial changes that are torture to implement and/or maintain, but metered, reasonable adjustments that can be honed and tailored to specific lifestyles, body types, and personal needs. I hate one size fits all plans so it's encouraging to see someone suggesting healthy wholistic changes that can be tailored to anyone.

  34. Work out each day you must👈🏻 (yoda’s voice)

  35. I like your videos. Good editing and you don't sound like a mindless one-way zombie. Actually useful and good advice 🙂

  36. i think there's one more habit that needs to be added: drinking a lot of water. from morning till the end of the day

  37. I agree, but let me have my sugar

  38. Where there is a will… there is a way…!!!🤘🏻👍🏻🙏🏻💪🏻

  39. Thank you for this, all of these steps we know and are so simple yet we need to be reminded sometimes.

    I'm definitely slacking and have to work on a few of these.

    Thanks again!

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