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9 members of Mormon family killed in Mexico

Members of the Fundamentalist Mormon group were ambushed while driving in three vehicles, with authorities believing a drug cartel may be responsible.



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  1. They were Mexican and were born in Mexico there a fucking cult look them up.

  2. Do the cartels use weapons made in the United States, when will the United States stop arming the cartels? don't be hypocrites

  3. …and you anti gun idiots want Americans to turn in their AR-15's hahaha why? So we can let drug cartels take over America? Gtfo, arm yourself you idiots, so you won't be the next victims. Better to be ready, than a victim.

  4. My heart goes out to the family. We have to do our research when traveling outside our home. A criminal is a criminal. Theres no rules when it come down to it. Sad part is that it was all for nothing. May God bless.

  5. Anyone still going to Cancun because I am???

  6. How come the government can't fix this? Want help? They should ask our Philippines' President Duterte.

  7. Well mexico has a dumb*ss and corrupt president. "Handle it alone", they can"t do sh*t. He is probably taking bribes from the cartels

  8. Get the facts straight fake news,Common knowledge in mexico,Mormans were transporting drugs,and taking Mexicans land,etc,etc,you figure out the rest,just sayin'

  9. Please in the name of God someone do something to end this my heart is broken with so much sorrow.

  10. It was not a mistake…Look it up Vice news got the real story between Mormons and Cartels at constant battle.ABC never tells the truth.

  11. The US can't do SHIT MEXICO and RUSSIA ALLIED 😎 Trump we don't need your help and we don't want your help,So stay away from mexico and don't bring your bull shit of WAR here ok,now if you excuse me,I have some vodka drinking to do with my RUSSIAN comrades.

  12. This is exactly why Hollywood must stop glamorizing these low-life drug dealers in movies. People growing up imitating what they see on tv and the movies.

  13. Many Americans are praying the U.S President defies the incompetent Mexican President and police forces, and avenges the deaths of these dual citizens. The Cartel Murders and Homicides exceed 33,000; more than in any select military conflict in the Middle East participated by United States Forces. If Special Forces have gone into foreign countries without permission, to avenge the death of Americans, how really is this any different?? The Liberal Fools in California State and in the Federal Government for some reason refuse to bring up the Mexican Drug Cartels part in illegal aliens coming into the United States. How many Americans must be murdered before military action is taken???

  14. Propaganda. Reaks of conspiracy

  15. President of mexico is a "COWARD"!!!!

  16. To hell with them cartels……destroy all of freakin mexico make it disappear.. those were innocent Americans😢😢

  17. those Mormons multiply like drunk rabbits, they'll restock in no time.

  18. Theres a lot of things about trump I don’t like but if he is willing to help Mexico and remove these drug cartels I will fully support him

  19. They had ties to the cartels that family has had beef with cartels for more then 50 years they just don’t say that

  20. What is wrong w people?view amir ali response to mine . He told me to die and my dog w my dad., in 2009 to puerto peñasco. We visited, had a wonderful time ., used to fly in to bahia de kino , in a bonanza aircraft. My dad was a pilot in the ‘60’s . Wtf ? Mexico?

  21. What a tragedy in Mexico, I say this president now does anything, he better send troops in and u.s FBI, this is a disgrace ,I'm sick of the violence in this world all pertaining g to drugs get all americans out of there and get our american candies that's manufactured in that country ,cheap labor ,for alot of u.s products ,keeping Mexicans poor why they turn yo drugging, mugging,thugging,killing ,wth ,rip all those poor children and mothers good God have MERCY ,i hate Mexico never will I ever travel their ever never

  22. Cartel hit someone in the family was doing something they had no business doing

  23. What made me mad is the mexican president saying that they have it under control! He is probably working with some gang in mexico!

  24. Just terrible, my condolences. From what I read that is not the whole truth that is going on down there in Mexico. Forget that i would never live in Mexico the cartels dress like the army at stops and robbed you even kill you.

  25. Mexico's President say they will handle it themselves.
    Why? Cartel in Mexico controls the government and president themselves.
    They are scared to move forward on anything that pertains to the cartel in Mexico.
    That is how bad it is in Mexico!

  26. America, it’s time for us to address this frankhead behavior and drop a nuke on 💣🇲🇽….MaGa…..

  27. Connected to MS 13. Already wanted in the states for paligamy. Also connected to Nixivm and allison mack

  28. Can we legalize drugs yet ? just asking ?

  29. Buddha, watch over the their. Souls. Paryer and meditation

  30. It's a horrible story, and depressing as hell, but this fundamentalist group in Mexico has been participating in a revenge war with the cartel that they themselves started. All the had to do was let the cartel drive down the road next to their compound but instead, they decided to kill cartel members, and they have no plans to stop any time soon. The other part of the news that you don't see in America is that the fundamentalists are now going to go kill an equal number of cartel members, then the cartel will kill an equal number of their family members, and it will go both ways forever. They need to stop what they started and move back to America.

  31. But it wasn’t right to target them innocent kids 😓 . My prayers goes to the family

  32. Mormon family was a target for the cartel , it wasn’t a mistake , they had sum going on , and they not saying it

  33. Legalize all drugs now to end violence and overdose. America's need for drugs caused this with thousands more.

  34. This family had run-ins with the Cartel before…

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