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9-year-old bitten by shark in knee-deep water l ABC News

Maggie Crum was vacationing with her family in Florida when she received the bite, which required a dozen stitches on her leg.

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  1. This is my friend from school

  2. This Happens With Warming Waters And Overfishing. Good Job Homo Sapiens…….Smh🤙🏽

  3. I hope she okay I hope her parents were watching her

  4. Awe that's sad to hear! Hopefully shes fine!❤💜💚💛🧡

  5. 🦈Shark took 1 bite and decided she was too sweet to eat! Awwwww! Get better little girl! 🎈🌻

  6. Thank god for that bright little girl that it wasnt worse. The young man in Hawaii too, glad hes ok. Please dont tell us what we know already. We cant go thruough life live living in fear.. we all take chances of getting injured or dying..everyday of our lives mulitble times a day sometime. Most of us live on land that belonged to some wild animals too.

  7. Dayum, I was hoping for the chance of another… SHARK PARTY!

  8. and some Politicians say there's no climate change

  9. Thank God This Little Girl Wasn't Killed! I Loved The Fact She Was So Brave & Called Her Stuffed Teddy Bear Sharkey I Thought That Was Cute☺Stay Brave Little Girl & God Bless Her🙌

  10. That’s a cool story to go back to school with!

  11. Sharks are now turning up in swimming pools all over the world ! It's serious people .

  12. I'm not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but with all the ocean shit going on would the smartest thing to do is stay out of the water. Riddle me this

  13. Why does the news focus on sharks so much, they’re not even dangerous

  14. But come on how's this news how did you not see that coming

  15. It’s so sad that these sharks are getting this bad wrap when it’s HUMANS that are overfishing and forcing them closer to beaches for food.

  16. But what beach was it at like why they not telling us beach in Florida theirs a beach everywhere in Florida smh

  17. Go back in the water my friend because surfing is better than your life you dumbass

  18. Thank God little Princess did not seriously got hurt thanking God for her

  19. People don't LISTEN.
    The public has been warned too many times already for the summer 😒😒😒

  20. Why is it that its always white people that get bitten by sharks? -__-

  21. When I go to beach I don't go to ocean

  22. This is what happens when you steal all their food.

  23. Stay out of the ocean 🌊

  24. Lets weigh the value of beach front property and tourism against over fishing , sharks got to eat same as all the other critters ..No fish means your on the menu , time for very very strict laws curbing commercial fishing , think of the children ! LMAO ! Single line commercial fishing no nets, no cheat sticks baby

  25. Fake Gofundme Hoax. Shes not even limping lol

  26. this is why I don't like the ocean

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