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90 Day Weight-loss Transformation

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  1. You got me thinking it's training time brah , choice

  2. could someone explain the diet plan is? i understand no processed foods. cut all sugars. but do fruits and berries count?

  3. Motivated, motivated, down right motivated! 💖 🔥🌹

  4. Well, thanks for the motivation man. Day 1 starts for me now.

  5. Im also working out, im just walking and jogging back and forth from my street to the other end.

  6. That's some seriously good progress man. Keep it up! I'm following your insta so I'll keep up with your journey

  7. Good shyt..I lossed 160 pounds on my vision I was 360 almost died from being heavy (speed rope) boxing punch bag all at home with light weight lifting

  8. Hey bro what’s your height? I weight around the same

  9. Keep pushing. You're doing great! 🙂

  10. Dude u look great! Keep it up! Just a suggestion, look up hasfit on YouTube he has tons of free workouts that are awesome! They’re a huge help for me

  11. These videos bring untold amount of motivation to people everywhere. Everyone has heard a story of how someone lost weight, but this man is showing them that it can be done.

    Congrats dude keep it up.

  12. Best of luck keep up the good work!

  13. The dislikes are from lazy fat people who think it's not possible for this to happen

  14. GET AT IT! I love your journey and sick beat choices.

  15. Got chased here by Icy Mike – awesome effort – stay strong!

  16. Yess Sir!! Get your superhero on, man!!

  17. Icy Mike sent me. Good on you, brother. Keep moving forward! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  18. I went from 6"0 325lbs down to 185lb. It can be done, folks. Keep it up!

  19. nice bro thats really sick transformation

  20. Congratulations 🎉, keep it up!

  21. I imagine you feel like a whole new person, please keep it up! May I suggest Muay Thai or BJJ? I train in both and they have made a lot of difference in my life.

  22. What time of day did you work out or does it even matter?

  23. Congratulations man but you're not done yet, are you?

  24. Well done bro! Keep up the good work! You are doing a great job!

  25. You nailed it man, you are getting awesome day by day 🙂 keep going buddy. I have also loose 16KG in last 4 months and I am still going hard

  26. Fuck. Wish I'd started when you had.

  27. amazing dude! Keep it up!!

  28. Im 15 and I weight around 88-90kg. I would like to loose some but Im to frightened of going outside or to the gym. I think this is a very good video to atleast to a ting bit.

  29. Hell ya bro, keep it up!

  30. Man great intro I liked it
    Keep up the great work bro
    You may be a great bodybuilder one day and I will be beside to support you BRO 💪😊⚡💫👍

  31. Do not stop you got this

  32. YESSSSSS you can do it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I was just looking for good leg workouts! What a neat coincidence

  34. Dude I can't wait for you to see the long term results of IF. That has helped me maintain a healthy weight for quite a while.

    As always man, hella proud of you. Been here since day 1 and bro you've changed a lot. KEEP IT UP!

  35. 90 days of hard work has paid off. You surely are very motivational!

  36. Looking good man! Keep it up

  37. Keep it up mate. Your videos make me want to hit the gym more often and change up the routine. The best thing so far is you've been relentlessly pushing so hard everyday. Motivation for sure.

  38. See you makes me want to start my journey as well, I have tried to lose weight so many times but I always quit in the middle. You sir are an inspiration!

  39. Dam hell yeah!!! My nigga making it happen!!! Hell of a difference! Keep it up bro!!

  40. It's amazing to see how far you have come! Still a long road ahead but you show good promise keep it up! 🙂

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