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A $15 minimum wage means fewer labor hours: A&W CEO

A&W CEO Kevin Bazner on the minimum wage debate, A&W Canada’s partnership with Beyond Meat, the company’s operations since it separated from Yum! Brands in 2011 and the company’s efforts to raise money for disabled veterans.

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  1. The Congressional Budget Office report & Moody's calculates 3.7 million jobs could be lost nationally high end & the median estimate is 1.3 million losses. This is in stark contrast to the study's done by the likes of the University of California Berkeley who pushed for minimum wage which claimed the impact on job loss is likely small to none. So who's right Business or the Academics well trails run in New York where minimum wage was phased in over a two-year period have been a disaster & seen substantial job losses three out of four businesses have or plan to reduce employee hours. Nearly half have or planned to eliminate job positions altogether. Well done Academia $15 wage just another failed social engineering experiment.

  2. You get paid more, but you get less hours and are cut more.

  3. Best case scenario Highschoolers are no longer able to get jobs and McDonald’s becomes ludicrously overpriced

    Worst case scenario this creates inflation and millions of peoples lifesavings are devalued

  4. No one is talking about the big branded companies ( that generate alot of revenue, thus also tax money) they will not set base in America if they will have to pay 1000 employees a grand total of 15,000 dollars an hour if they can just go to China and get it for a lot cheaper.

  5. Actually not true. I work 35 hrs a week and I have amazing benefits where I work. And I make 15.25 hr

  6. Loose the virtue signalling vegan!

  7. To adjust to 1978-79 minimum wage. $10 an hour is appropriate. It should be adjusted / increased by 2% every year to keep up with the average inflation rate. Minimum wage is entry level. It's not meant to support more than 1 person.

  8. You should not be paying for un needed labor in the first place. Either you need their labor or you dont. There is no charity for labor needs

  9. "we do provide comprehensive healthcare for our FULL-TIME employees" hmm how many full-time positions available in global restaurant companies – stop taking advantage of part-time people by forgoing basic benefits with "everyone working part-time shifts"

  10. Blah blah blah – simple solution – make it illegal for corporations to perpetually exploit part-time employment. I.e. Less than 75% cannot be less than full-time. Also Tim Hortons hires exclusively foreign workers! What's up with that!

  11. No people don't stick around because they don't get paid enough. And the reality is flipping burgers is for kids with no family. Not for a person with family. If you want a good job you have to hustle learn a trade go to school get certified. And the government has to open doors for people make opportunities not the employer. They charge tax on this and that lower the price on things such as rent which is the main reason people can't save money because it's too high. Companies keep building 1or 2 bedroom apartments, where is all the studios? So we're forced to pay high prices for room we don't really need, on a minimum wage budget result broke.

  12. NYC and other big cities already have a high minimum wage.

  13. McDonalds kiosks will be in all by 2021.

  14. They dont understand coz they dont own a business

  15. Should out really be bad if people stopped eating fast food? Lol really? Start paying your big CEO less money.

  16. Maybe just pay your ceo less.. That would cover any increase in pay.

  17. Less jobs and all part time! Yeah you will get the $15 but it won't help if you're only working 20 hours a week!!! Wake up Democrats

  18. It also means the end of the middle class.
    Therefore back to Masters & Slaves.

  19. I only make 7.93 hour on 25 hours aweek I've been at this job for 6 years now . If we get paid more than we will get less hours.i don't see that working out

  20. Explain to me why the wealthy needed that tax break, when we have these issues?

  21. $15 an hour = higher product prices, less hours, same exact paycheck or layoffs. This wage hike will screw the worker and hurt the consumer. Company/business owners will get richer.

  22. And given that they're talking about using plant-based burgers – which I sincerely hope they have as an option & not as a requirement – I doubt they'll last until 2029 if they try to bring that into this country. Sure, there are plenty of idio…I mean, vegeterians/vegans…in this country who'd go for it, but they are FAR outnumbered by those who are either "pure" carnivore or – as we have actually evolved to be – more omnivorous than anything, & there are also probably people who wouldn't be able to physically tolerate such burgers & hot dogs depending on what they're made of. (Just saying "plant-based" means nothing.) So, it just wouldn't be a sound business model to try & bring them here – outside of the major cities that A&W stores apparently aren't in a lot of – if you want to grow the business like the CEO says he does.

  23. Medicare cut reimbursement and nursing homes cut the care your loved ones receive. Sh** rolls down hill.

  24. Raise minimum wage…messes up our economy…orange man bad

  25. The jobs will fly to other countries. In most countries in Asia, US$15 per hour is what you get for highly skilled technical and professional jobs. In some, but not all countries the cost of living is less than in America, but not by enough to offset their labour cost advantage. Life is tough with low wages, but life is tougher with no job at all. Been there and done that.

  26. Government will be happy though. All that sudden increase in taxable income will probably give IRS a nice boost. Kiosks and smart machinery are way cheaper to maintain and operate than human labor. Eventually this will lead to higher profit margins for a companies bottom line which in turn will lead to higher taxable income fore most businesses. Again Government is the winner. About all those folks who lost their jobs due to being replaced by automation because of the impossible costs of unskilled labor? Oh, they are now completely dependent on the government for survival. Who in turn become the new crop of political fodder to be exploited by the next political party hungry for power. God help the poor business owner who sacrificed everything to build a business at great expense to themselves both in time and money. Taxation alone already makes it difficult to maintain a business. Folks that have never owned a business or never even have worked for a business have no clue what is involved and are not entitled to a fat cut of the profits just because they happen to show up and work for eight hours with breaks every two hours.

  27. Why nobofy say what Polish Smart Guy say. Make minimum wage by zip code. Not across USA.

  28. I don't eat any of that crap, Real or Phony.

  29. What happened after Obama's socialist styled Obamacare? Full time workers went to part time. Health care premiums nearly doubled, with a huge deductible,,,most people SUFFERED from Obamacare..the leftists don't learn, now they want to further deplete our country, reduce the middle class, with socialist schemes that we cannot pay for.

  30. i have heard so many stories about spitting in batter , Peeining, You could not pay me to eat at fast food restaurants. These kids need to work for there wages, You like spit or scum in your food?

  31. There's two worlds. In the pretend world of the filthy rich crony capitalists, they have a lot of trouble getting people to work for minimum wage, but in the real people world, they have no problem whatsoever driving the slave labor for profit. In the pretend world of the filthy rich crony capitalist, they put the employee first, maximize retention, and offer a wide range of freebies, while in the real people world, employees get squat and are treated like expendable property and are undervalued, exploited, and stolen from. In the pretend world of the filthy crony capitalist, wage hikes hurt their business, but in the real people world, the filthy rich crony capitalists simply pass along the wage hike onto the price tag of their products and don't lose a cent, and make even more money off the spin of the hike than they did before, all thanks to their little buddies in the government who created the wage hike for them to stamp out small businesses/competition.

  32. $15. Hr ?????? Flipping burgers, here goes the price of your burger. Ok well here goes less employees, replace by automate system and robots, less working hours, fantastic ideas. And in restaurants the tips will be much smaller. So nobody wins!

  33. Well , Cortez and her ilk are going to see business disappear. Magic by Bozo's !!!

  34. If 15.00 a hour will break a company then the business wasn't going to make it anyway.

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