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A black businessman was handcuffed in his own home after his alarm was triggered

Kazeem Oyeneyin was confronted by an officer who had his gun drawn at his front door and was handcuffed in his own home.


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  1. It's not like they arrested him… they got an alarm call, responded, the dude comes down with a gun, OF COURSE they handcuffed him temporarily…

  2. this was recommend by the dave chapelle stand up where he makes that joke about how the cops didnt think he lived in his house after he was robbed, he broke in and put up pictures of himself L O L

  3. And some people think you should stand for the National Anthem ain't that a bitch

  4. The fuck id be happy if the police arrived that fast if the alarm broke out. Just a misunderstanding

  5. Shit like this, is why black people will never trust the cops. No matter how many garbage feel good stories about cops jumping rope with lil girls in the hood they put out there, it's still way more stories like this around where we get treated like less than humans by 🐖s

  6. How does he get his ID if he is handcuffed? Racist cops have to be some of the dumbest people alive.

  7. Lucky fucker, why can't this happen to me? I'd do anything to sue pigs

  8. Lets make a racist decision on a cop just doing his job. I cannot wait for someone to say thanks so much for checking on me. Rather than you pos, im gonna sue u.

  9. The police officers were going their job , they responded to a alarm that was triggerd but persons unknown at the request of the alarm company , all he had to do is let them handcuff him and clear up what was going on , he's an idiot , he lucky they did not shoot his black ass for coming to the door with a firearm , who does that !

  10. They could have asked him for his driver’s license and that could have confirmed he indeed lives there but no. A white man who doesn’t own the home confirmed that it’s his own home. If that is not racism and white privilege playing side by side, I don’t know what is.

  11. You know, not all white people are like this. Just so you know.

  12. Eradicate racism and bigotry! Reform the police! Hold cops accountable!

  13. All the had to do was ask for the ID, which he was offering. The cops in this video are just dumb racists. Period. Nothing else to add except that he should sue the city. The more people sue and win, the more government will realize that perhaps they should not hire trailer trash with barely high school diploma and implement an IQ test. Not saying smart people are not racists, but in this case an intelligent officer would understand that if they he will wrong someone, he may get fired or punished. These dummies are too stupid to realize that and just happy to wave the gun and arrest someone for a bit of adrenaline.

  14. This is white people 2019, What did you expect?

  15. Obviously it’s because he’s black. Smh. They should have askd for ID first! That is so fckd up. Imagine being in your own home & police bursting in & not believing it is your home. This could have led to the poor man being shot to death.

  16. And if the guy was white there wouldn't even be a news story

  17. It sounded like the black dude had a gun

  18. The officers are out of control!! They are very intimidating when it’s not necessary, and then they do nothing when they should! Somebody has to stop them. Re training maybe?

  19. That officer needs to be fired based on his inability to hold his handgun correctly wtf

  20. I remember watching the Chris Watts footage of the police coming to his house. A white man who would later be convicted of killing his 2 children and his wife with his unborn child. The police officer was very respectful and didn't want to enter the house without permission from Chris even under suspicion of a pregnant woman being in distress inside. Guy barely wanted to step into the front porch. Here we have a black man being expelled from his home like animal control.

  21. Contrary to belief, YES he can sue and yes they WILL settle.

  22. Black home owners are illegal in the United States 🇺🇸 maga for life

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