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A BOUJI GARDENING ‘HAUL’ & My New Instagram Camera! // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. I just love your rug in this room!

  2. It was on sale because they release the Mark IV version. It has a 180 degree flip screen. Better for making video and taking selfie.

  3. Good video. Have a lovely autumn in the Cotswold , England.

  4. Could you maybe let us know how you get on with the camera in the future and how you like the quality (screen not coming off etc.) compared to the canon? That would be incredibly helpful 🙂

  5. 💖💖💖Thank you ur such an inspiration.Charlie's Facecloth😂😂😂✨✨✨

  6. GardenGlory is a hoot! My new favorite site. And of course the Gold Leather Gloves are "Garden Glove Gold Digger"

  7. Influenced to buy the Prism mask. Not mad about it.

  8. Ha ha ha…You two are so adorable! 😂🥰

  9. "Bougie" is spelled like so or sometimes the French origination "bourgeois", darling no one spells it bouji or boujee unless you're an American rapper 💋

  10. When you dropped your phone 🙈 I do agree that is the prettiest phone case I’ve seen! 💐

  11. I was led to believe there would be ACTUAL nudity I would like to speak with the manager please

  12. Love your vlogs Josie, and Charlie in his boxers! 😁 x 😊

  13. #QOTD: what is your favourite garden task to do (eg weeding, watering, planting, collecting herbs)

  14. Josie, that’s what caught my eye to your channel.. the name mumblr !

  15. Wow looking good in your boxers Charlie

  16. "Fashion Mumblr" ia a very original name for your vlog.

  17. #QOTD when’s Freddy coming to your new house

  18. Your hair looks so nice in this video! Do you wear it straight often? <3

  19. Josie: those are gladioli. Bouji blossoms for a bouji gardener. PS: if you balayage the ash blonde out of your hair, I'm gonna cry.

    Charlie: AHA and BHA are collectively known as glycolic acids but they have different uses. AHA is alpha hydroxy acid and is water soluble, good for anti ageing but not for oily acne skin. BHA is beta hydroxy acid and is oil soluble so it breaks down skin cells in oily spots like pores that AHA can't. A serum with a combination of both is optimal.

  20. Haha only you could purchase a diamond watering can!!! Love it! Also loved you trying to hide Charlie with your muslin cloth!! 🤣 great vlog. Xx

  21. #Q.O.T.D will there be children in your future ? Not of the four legged kind 😊

  22. You have such a great personality! Could watch your vlogs all day!! Thanks for all your hard work for us🤗🤩😁

  23. Love the pink watering jug!!!😍😍

  24. Oh it’s Gladioli by the way.

  25. I think Charlie in the vlogs in his boxer shorts should be a regular feature. 😀 lovely to see your mum.
    QOTD Have your priorities changed Re lifestyle since lockdown and your move to The Cotswolds? I am LOVING your vlogs. Loved them before but love them so so so much more now. You two are so cute and it’s like tuning in to a favourite soap opera. X

  26. Love your videos 🙂 #QOTD Is your mom American? Thought I heard a bit of an accent when she was talking.

  27. Love the gardening haul! We just moved into a new townhouse with no grass yet, but they've put in some hydrangeas. I'm already out there like a mad woman tending to those pretties more than I should 😂I think I need to upgrade my gardening accessories after seeing this!

  28. OMG! I love the gardening accessories so much and I love how ridiculously extra they are! They kind of reminded me of Ted Baker style for some reason! Thanks so much for sharing they really made my day! 💐💖💖💖💖💖

  29. The way you pronounced “Garam” in garam masala was spot on proper Indian pronunciation! Threw me off with how well you said it 😂☺️

  30. I can’t wait for your Cotswolds guide as we are visiting soon in August 🌸👏🏻👏🏻

  31. Josie, don't dare change The Fashion Mumblr. It is sheer genius and the coolest name ever. You were the first channel I watched and still my favorite. From the US, I love the name, seriously.

  32. Josie protecting Charlie’s modesty with a wash cloth is the cutest thing on YouTube today. ❤️

  33. Erm… of course a film crew would be respectful of your house!!! A lot of care is taken. Wow. 🙁

  34. USA here…and I always assumed that the Mumblr part of Fashion Mumblr was a British version of Whisperer…like Horse Whisperer. Funny to learn it was a literal thing. lol

  35. I think fashion mumblir is appropriate …I rather like it..I was drawn to the name to see what your channel was about…I am hooked!

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