Wednesday , December 2 2020
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A Dem president would raise taxes on the middle class: Grover Norquist

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist discusses middle class taxes and the Democrat’s tax plans.

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  1. Deport millions of illegals and the middle-class wage will definitely come up

  2. Our middle class is shrinking because of all the illegals coming over taking Americans jobs for pennies on the dollar

  3. Who would want to "transform" America, the greatest country on the planet? Didn't we go down that road when Mr. Marxist Obama was elected? How did THAT work our for us…?

  4. It's simply amazing listening to the cheering from those BRAINLESS followers of the dirty d'astards. The swallow that socialist propaganda hook line and sinker!!!

  5. The Democratic party has turned Socialist! Plain & Simple! Vote TRUMP 2020!

  6. Proof: Dems are trying to overturn the vote of the American People! Trying to Impeach OUR duly elected President! Pure Criminal Act! Period! Vote Trump 2020! KEEP America Great!

  7. Communist Socialist Dems want to CONTROL the American People! If they win, WE THE PEOPLE lose!! Trump 2020!

  8. They’ll not only raise taxes, they desire to control every aspect of your life. LITERALLY, the words you say, the thoughts you think. They wish to have control over your very existence, your right to live on this earth.

  9. If the Dems win, I’m cashing out my money and applying for assistance. I’ll join the illegals.

  10. Everyone gets free stuff and everyone’s taxes are going up up Democrats are the tax and spend party

  11. Breaking down @FoxNews Impeachment Poll, very misleading!

    Should Trump be Impeached?
    51% Yes
    43% No
    6% Undecided

    What they don’t tell you is 👇🏻

    47% of INDY’s said no, 39% said yes.

    INDY’s were 34% of Vote in 2016, not 12% like this poll.


  12. Trumps policies are bringing the middle class back to America. Democrats want to send jobs back overseas and tax everyone more to give freebies for illegals and others

  13. Dems are enemies of our sovereignty, and our nation. They should be arrested the lot of them for treason.

  14. Big companies use their surplus to research & develop and will hire more people. Not giving out all to taxes to those not working

  15. As a dem Im stupid enough to want that

  16. Dems goal: eliminate middle class, eliminate small business. Trash cities ,trash states. " drive down real estate prices. import" votes, re write history, indoctrinate children in school,
    Disarm America. Rail against police, endorse antifa, 1 ruling class, 1 low class= dem utopia.

  17. When will the working class democrats learn, their party views them as being too stupid to manage their own money, so they raise taxes, so the Demotard party can spend it; on illegals benefits! Wake up!

  18. Bernie needs to rest and calm down.

  19. Taxing rich this time! Spend no more money. Broke.

  20. Shut up, corrupt rotten dems decadents

  21. Bill Clinton raisied taxes on the rich and on the rich companies in the 90s and we had the best economic years in history 23 million jobs in 8 years and middle class income went up by 12000 dollars 8 million people got out of poverty no gop and top that

  22. Only want benefits welfare, no hard working. Have jobs is more important

  23. The middle class did better under the dems never under the gop

  24. The rich bought the whole congress so they dont pay taxes

  25. A demonkkkrat President means a fraudulent election!

  26. Dems raising taxes on the middle class??? Well wax my crack !! Who would have thought?

  27. We didnt have these issues when we had a 90 percent tax rate from 1945-1973 we put the first guy in the moon and built the interstate highway and have the best middle class manufacturing was everywhere we had the best schools the political system wasn't as corrupt it was the gop who cut the top rate on the rich too 28 percent in 1989 that is when we lost the power too handle the rich

  28. Only the three stooges left and their already done now that's a good laugh they should be poking each other in the eye balls right now like the clowns that they are. Trump 2020 & Jr 2024 for the big Win.

  29. Didnt the dems created the middle class after ww2 with fdr with investments in the GI bill the fight for collective bargaining rights and a 90 percent tax rate on the rich which created shared prosperity

  30. The Democratic Parties biggest problem, is that they don't have any Democrats in the party anymore. They only have Obama mentalities, and he was never a Democrat at all. Tulsi is the closest thing to a standard Democrat, and she's got some Obama following that comes along with her. If the Obama's touched it, it caused destruction of society anywhere across the planet wherever they put their paws.

  31. The election of a Dim president…ANY Dim president will surely send markets crashing worldwide.

  32. Whole country will be down , communist

  33. Democrat's steal money from everyone and anything! Legal or Illegal… Sad day in hell!

  34. There will never be another dem president

  35. A Dem president would also try to take our guns, steal money from taxpayers to hand it out to criminal invaders, and bow down to their Chinese Communists owners.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  36. It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are still POOR “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
    Abraham Lincoln, The first Republican President!

  37. Wake up America…just look at what is happening to California Which has been run by the Democrats for decades! Millions will be loosing power in the state..homelessness, welfare state, typhoid epidemic , etc. that 8s what will happen to your state and our Nation if the dems grab power. Pelosi and her friends are from California…they don’t care!

  38. If President Maduro from Venezuela was running for the DNC nomination, he would win.

    He also speaks better Spanish than fake Mexican Beto or (homo in the closet) Booker… lol

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