Tuesday , December 1 2020
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A driver crashed an SUV through a Chicago-area mall

No serious injuries were reported and authorities say they have had no prior contact with the man, who is now in police custody.


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  1. another false flag to bring in more security ?

  2. Hasn't Sears suffered enough?

  3. me when there are no available parking space

  4. Why r the majority of cars In the USA older model cars. Where I live the oldest car I usually see is 2014

  5. Damn … was he taking Pelosi shopping?

  6. GTA 6 you have a trailblazer


  8. He was just having a lil fun guys. Chill tf out.

  9. So they not gonna talk bout how he’s an illegal alien 👽

  10. To much playing video games

  11. Dude clearly watched too many 80's action films…

  12. Take away all the guns and you'll be safe they said. Oh wait you mean there are other devices in the world that can easily kill a whole bunch of people at once besides guns? Guess we gotta take away cars too.

  13. Literally this is where I live …I saw this on live TV and then went for a smoke because wtf has been happening to our world

  14. If someone was legally armed could they have shot that guy in self defense?

  15. Someone tried to do something. And failed.

  16. Who the hell ia the driver post him please

  17. This Man Has Been Play Coconut Mall Too Much

  18. Is this the food court???? I'm looking for the food court!


  20. he ate to much fat food in his heart lol

  21. "there is actually no way to defence against…." put some thick steel pillars in front of the entrance

  22. There is a simple way to prevent vehicles from driving through mall entrances. Simply install bollards at your entrances and vehicles will not be able to enter.

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