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A FEMA official discusses the precautions taken ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Jeffrey Byard warns that all citizens in the storm’s “cone of uncertainty” should take precaution.


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  1. I will like to know how well they prepared In Puerto Rico.

  2. No such thing as climate change

  3. Is it gonna hit New York city

  4. Trump doesn't care about FEMA or Floridians, elderly people. Look at that face on her. Nasty women…

  5. Get to a nuclear shelter first because Trump's nukes are coming.

  6. “I’m concerned because THATS WHAT I GET PAID TO DO”.

  7. (FEMA) Why don't the government close this department down? They are no help to the calamity victims. The funds are spend for their overtime and their brand new vehicles. Hurricane after Hurricane and nothing is fix because they keep on denying claims. If your house is not completely damage, you are denied. What the fuck?

  8. I don't think staying in Florida at the moment would be a good idea but people seem to be brave. Check out my music like And subscribe.

  9. Don't accept rides from strangers in white Hummers with the letters FEMA on them! Or boats! Your family members will probably never hear from you again. Once you've become DISPLACED you're a broke food eater to them. And hey HAARP, you know how to shut down those monsters you've created, no not with nukes! Slice through it with forced air. Have your cousin NASA help you! Enough with the fear mongering! Our elected honorable President is on to you!

  10. No more Russia Collision
    No more FBI 🗑️No more Epstein crimes 👉Now 📺 TERROR FOR US not only Fl. every body gets it. 😠 FAKE NEWS FAKE 🌫️🌀


  12. Fema, short on cash cause donny removed funding to pay for the wall. Thanks donald.

  13. News Channels should be advising people to put cycle helmets on kids and put them between bed mattress and other useful information that will save lives!.

  14. Black brothers and sisters get ready , the looting will be good.

  15. Let's never forget that the Republicans wanted to eliminate FEMA.

  16. Nephilim offspring on every channel I turn to..Especially on TV..

  17. It keeps going North ! The Carolinas look like they are in the 🎯 again.

  18. Here before the hurricane []

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