Monday , January 18 2021


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  1. Mincepie gate! The eyeshadow was lovely . Your skin looks great

  2. Josie, you are a lucky fiancée…😉 The advent calendar is a beautiful idea!

  3. Hi Josie, Your Vlogs are very enjoyable . In this one, I should say I don't agree at all with regards Nat King Cole in Spanish. I am not sure which version or playlist you heard. If you did Spanisch well, you would realise that he sings and pronounces very well in Spanish. I'd recommend you to the play list "Nat King Cole canta Espanol" in YouTube. The Spanish certainly role the tonge 😄, but not in the way you mentioned . I suppose it's because you don't speak it or don't know well this language. Anyway thanks for your videos and sharing the beautiful Costwolds. Good memories!

  4. Oh my I love your advent calendar it’s gorgeous ! And what a lovely gift as well 💖 Sharing your videos with my family and friends ! Love your videos so much 💛💛 have a lovely day xxx

  5. Making Charlie’s Sunday roast potatoes on a Saturday, hebe with duck on the grill

  6. I bought a Nat King Cole Christmas album. Nat King Cole holds a special place in my heart, the song smile was played at my grandmother and uncle's funeral.

  7. I love to listen to Tony Bennett during the holidays. He is so iconic. And one beautiful voice.

  8. Hello Josie, I hope you are doing fine, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas 😊 I love watching your fashion videos 💜

  9. So sad…I don’t think the caudalie line is in the US yet… 😥

  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Loving Vlogmas!!!! Shared on Facebook to ' everything crossed ' get a chance of winning the lovely French skin care. ❤

  12. please don't get botox! everyone ends up looking like a kardashian!

  13. I look forward to watching you every day. I’ve shared your video on Facebook as don’t know how to do it on here or Instagram. Doh. I’d love to win the set x

  14. I just love your channel ! Found you during the move and first lockdown. I especially love the little boys ❤️ after watching for awhile now you can see the difference in personalities. Dexie is such an alpha and more independent while Dickie is just a total cuddle bug . I adore them …. Dongles, Doris, Plonker lol love the english expressions you use. Great Vlog 👍🏻

  15. Too bad you couldn’t position your camera so that we could enjoy the countryside.

  16. I absolutely love Caudalie, it's one of the not crazy expensive Luxury skin care brands that have natural ingredients that's so important for me. I'll definitely try the Resveratrol range you're talking about, cos I'd like to avoid botox as well. Thank you for the recommendation!

  17. Lovely vlog Josie. Such a beautiful drive, view of where you live. 💖

  18. shared and liked, must dash! off to try and get a velvetiser!! xx

  19. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet but what a wonderful idea of Charlie’s to have your birthday present as different advents, especially as riddles! it’s such a wholesome way to gift and keep the birthday excitement going 🥰

  20. You're officially the first vlogger I ever subscribed to or watched. I am now utterly addicted! I found you when I googled how to introduce another sausage dog to my current dachshund and your video picking up Dickins came up on my Google search! I've shared your vlog to my boyfriend who pretty much noseys in when I'm watching you anyway! Some caudalie goodies would be lovely 😍 xxx

  21. What did you think of the Hot Choc machine Josie?  We ordered it from QVC but sadly had to return it, as it just wasn't hot enough. it was luke warm at best and I have to have my hot choc piping hot.  The quality was lovely though, just a shame it had this flaw.

  22. Eye cream first 🙂

    I would like to add; each to their own regarding Botox. If you don't like it great, good for you and what works for you. If you use it, great, good for you and what works for you. I don't think anyone should be judged for using it. I was in the Army for many year and have a deep line on my forehead from my beret, I am self conscious of it and have botox to treat it. Everyone has their own reasons and we ladies should no judge each other on something so stupid like this.

    Loving Vlogmas ❤ ❤

  23. I mean, the looks your dogs give both of you 😍😍😍 Love to have daily vlogs from you, really do cheer up my days. Thank you for all your positive energy ❤ Shared your video in my friendchat today because I know the would love it 😍👏

  24. I've been thinking about trying Caudalie products for a while now but never know what to get! As soon as I saw that this vlog included skincare I shared it with one of my coworkers! She's an older woman who use to work at a lighthouse believe it or not! Because she worked outside in the sun and heat for so long her skin has definitely aged a bit so now she's trying get it looking healthy again

  25. So glad you got a velvetiser I have been considering getting one of these for my brother! An update after using it a few times would be fab 🥰

  26. The boys are gorgeous so pampered! Just like mine💚

  27. this jumper is a bit too thick to go under the gille no?

  28. Enjoyed the video. No Botox please. Not needed.

  29. Josie, you introduced me to Caudalie and I have never looked back!!!! You work so hard this time of the year, every year…I just want to say that I appreciate very much the quality of your work, all your work, and your vlogs make my life better!!!!

  30. Haha what a Doris!! You make me laugh josie

  31. Happy Sunday Josie – Re-watching your vlog today.
    'PeaNuts' 'Wowzer' – You are adorable 🤣😊
    Charlie's clue was hilarious 🤣, the gift was Awesome!
    Age really is just a number, as you get older you realise this more and more. 💖👑
    I agree, where you are based is truly magical 💫

  32. Hi josie. Would you say, that the different between the plus styler and the other ghd stylers is big? I have the Salon styler from GHD; and i am wondering if the plus premium styler is different?

  33. You inspire all my everyday outfit! I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing… She even cried when she saw the necklace.

  34. Ohh, I love the countryside views! 😍 I have no doubt sharing you, Josie, you deserve it!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  35. Love watching these videos
    the doggies are so cute great footage of the countryside xx
    Shared to my FB xx

  36. So lovely to see you are enjoying countryside, and how much lightyour house has. Just spotted the pheasant, and recalled that if we spotted to mention it for a giveaway. Id love Cauldalie one. It would help me start looking after my skin better. Am enjoying your vlogs 2 years now, without a fail. Since you moved 5pm is for me exciting time every day. Missed it on this one because my son came home after months away. And just to add: I agree with every word Robin said on her vlog. I love your genuinity cheerfullness and style. You are the hardest working one amongst other vlogers. 💞😊

  37. My son bought me the Hotel Chocolate machine. Best thing ever! Use it every day for mainly making hot milk for my cappuccino. Once you have one of these you won’t want to be without it. It’s quicker than the machine and easy to clean. Superb vlog Josie. 🦋

  38. Shared with the sister in law again! ♥️

  39. Hi Josie your vlogs are the best. So enjoyed this beautiful drive hot coffee McDonald's what could be better. It certainly is a fabulous place you live. Charlie is the best how thoughtful giving you that gift for your hot chocolate. What a pity at the end you burnt your mince pies , they did look delicious. Love seeing Dexter and Dickens. Thanks Josie Great vlogmas. 💜💙🐶🐶

  40. 38:13… the Phinella moment 💞💞

  41. Poor Dexter………😔❤

  42. That was propably my favorite vlogmas vlog thus far! Maybe because it's so long 🙊

  43. spotify has an amazing playlist called fireside christmas jazz! its sooo good!

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