Saturday , January 16 2021
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  1. Hahahaha what was that sneeze!!!!!!! I am laughing so much. And yes Josie finish off the garland

  2. Just asked hubby he said if the chandelier is fixed to a secondary support noggin fixed to the ceiling structure behind the plaster board it will be perfect 🥰

  3. Josie, Henrietta is so cute! I love the "bo-bols" you guys have chosen. Please finish the garland on the stairs, you guys should totally have pictures done there holding the boys. That would be so cute. Just a wreath and lights would be pretty on the arches. Excited to see what's next!

  4. I would take the garland completely to the end of staircase past your chandelier it would look fantastic, loved the garden shop and very impressive Yorkshire toad in the hole👌👌👌🎄

  5. Josie, I was raised with a dachshund as a child, his name was Snoopy, after watching yours for so long now I am considering once again getting a long haired Dachshund. Are yours considered standard or miniature?. I like their size. Thank you.

  6. SALT & FENNEL! Ultimate flavor combo. / Get yourself the most well made boot jacks you can find and use felt or other on the inside so you don't scuff. Also boot scrapers if you don't have them. If you go cast iron, you could get sausage dog themes, rose themes, beetles, etc…

  7. They are beautiful but I hope the light fixture holds them. I didn’t know they were so heavy and made of glass

  8. The Balsam Hill garland is so lovely and makes such an amazing statement! I would definitely get three or four more lengths so you can finish off the bannister and also be able to switch things up in coming years and have them all match! You could let the garland hang down the major posts to continue the look of the bottom post, but it will require several more garlands for sure!

    While I really like the look of garland placed along the top of the bannister, you may find not having anything to grab hold of can be annoying during the entire festive season and potentially dangerous for any elderly guests. Rotating it to one side or the other gives a similar look but still access to hold on if needed. The down side is the areas where it’s tied to the bannister, the ties can be visible… unless you add embellishments at each tie position.

    There are so many ways to hang garland and still have a hand hold for reassurance or safety. I like little swags up and over the bannister, alternating the swags on the inside and outside at every position you tie it to the bannister. Mainly because it’s beautiful from all angles and still allows use of the bannister. But swags going up all on the outside or all on the inside is beautiful too. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of discretionary income, matching swags both inside and outside is glorious, but clearly requires double the quantity of garland… but it looks beyond stunning! 😍😍😍

    So, I definitely vote yes to getting more garland to finish your bannister off properly… and decide if you want extras for the future or possibly for mantles, sideboards, above doorways or windows! Garland is fabulous in so may different locations! Maybe pick up some extras in the after Christmas sales, for options and possibilities in the years to come! 🎄❤️🎄

  9. Yes to more garland to do the whole staircase. You may as well get matching ones now, and then store them carefully and reuse them year after year. Looks beautiful though, love the nature theme decorations – so cute!

  10. For hallway decorating look on Kinwoven on you tube for Christmas decorating…amazing

  11. Josie, the pieces you purchased are exquisite… I love pearl it’s the gem for the month of June and I’m a Gemini ♊️… I’ve been buying more and more pearls throughout the years…. # how do you clean and keep your jewelry?? 💋

  12. Brilliant vlog loved it I always make a cup of tea or coffee,while watching you . X please keep them coming

  13. Check out these incredible 2 sides bags for a new 2021 style:…/shoulder-holsters-sling...

  14. The staircase Garland looks beautiful! 😍 I would definitely continue the Garland at the top and interweave a wide ribbon throughout the foliage adding large bows and tails to each end post 😊

  15. Josie, the staircase looks wonderful, the garland is so lovely, the baubles hanging are the best! So festive. I believe the little silver blue tree by the front door is a Blue Spruce, you can plant in the spring. Yes, the front arch would look very nice with a garland (it could be simple greenery) whatever you & Charlie decide will be wonderful! 🙋🏻🎄

  16. I’d tie them to the top balastard instead

  17. Harold the vajazzled hedgehog 🌈 🦔 💚 🤣🤣

  18. Yes get one more stair garland.Your hanging Christmas baubles are Beautiful🎅🎄⛄❤

  19. I loved your stair deco idea, I am going to replicate it in my home 😍😍😍

  20. Watch out because some mud doesn't come out if there is much clay in the soil. All kinds of staining dirt.

  21. The 'Judy' Garland on the staircase is lovely. And the "bauballs" are perfect. I think the chandelier is strong enough. ❤🌹

  22. Use dental floss to cut your cinnamon rolls. Checkout the cinnamon bun video from Tasty.

  23. Beautiful! Add the next one to run the entire rail. That would be smashing!

  24. That sneeze! I giggle every time.

  25. Hi Josie! Where can I get your lip stick from?

  26. The garland on the staircase is beautiful. I think you should had more, the volume is really the key to grand decor.

  27. Have you ever tried dental floss to cut your cinnamon rolls, before you bake? Works great, nice even cuts without smooshing the rolls.

  28. Hold on! I thought the UK was in lockdown. 🤔

  29. Hi Josie, my Mum and I have not long subscribed to your channel and we're really enjoying your videos. Going to Burford garden centre is such a delight since we can't go anywhere. Just wanted to say you bought a witches ball… although a rather floral one.. witches ball were used by "witches" usually midwives or women who knew how to make medicines with herbs and such. So they would hang them in front of their work station usually in a window, so when they were making "potions" (which wasn't allowed as it didn't fit with ideas at the time) they would be able to see if anyone came into the room and then they could hide what they were making. Also it showed any unwanted spirits that could sneak up on the "witches". And I know this because we have a witches ball 😊
    Also yes get another garland to finish the stairs.. take care 😊

  30. You should decorate the outside tree, Not because we do, but here in the USA many of us decorate shrubs, trees, etc, Our neighbor has a huge pine tree, he decorates it every year, with the entire works ornaments, garland, etc lol, we don’t carry it that extreme, we have a beautiful yucca we have what’s called net lights/lighting, that drape over like a cloth, simple clear lights, also on our entire outside, outline of our home we put clear lights, we have a projection light pointed at our garage door that show dancing presents, Christmas trees, Merry Christmas, there are about 5 scenes we can rotate with, it’s all in good taste, not tacky.

  31. Love burford garden centre it’s lovely at Christmas… I’m loving all the Christmas content and can’t wait for all Christmas vlogs xx

  32. Gosh, that Toad in the hole that Charlie cooked looked scrumptious!! Wish my hubby could cook like him!!

  33. When Josie sneezed I’m sure it sounded like the “Dukes of Hazzard’s” car horn!! Soo funny 😂!!

  34. When my dog has had enough of walking we pop him in our rucksack !
    He’s 14 year old Westie

  35. I would add more garland
    To the end !!! It’s so lovely!!

  36. Funny question: is there ever a day when you don't spend money on buying things? I find I really hard #oeps

  37. Josie you should ask Ali Lydia's husband he might know he was in that business before. Hopefully they will hold. Love what you are doing for Christmas with the house.

  38. Where's the pearl and gold jewellery from plz and also the white cardigan with gold front buttons bumblebees

  39. It does look magical! In my opinion one more garland to finish the banisters.. (another garland across the center of dining table an hanging off each end w baubles an candles w the large candle arbors in the center? A thought) in love w the large baubles… a few more of the super large sitting by the trees or fire places. Also a suggestion, some kind of mirror or mercury glass peristalsis for Neigle an nigella time reflect the lights from the tree? W reflective ribbons in places? @frontgate @potterybarn for large lanterns (an investment but can use all yr round w different decor), @terrain has the more beautiful crowns … also baskets of large shatterproof (doggy proof) baubles in baskets filled to the brim also red berry pics (again large amount) in baskets also maybe twinkle lights on the outside tree? Twinkle lights do make a house magical!!! @farmshenanegans has the most Gorg deco tutorials

  40. Josie, your little sneeze and the "massive testicles" comment were the highlights of the vlog for me, LOL!😂😂😂😂

  41. Your best attributes are 1) hardworking & 2)genuine positive energy, and how you both work on your home without any lethargy or procrastination is commendable!! Well Done Josie & Charlie ❤️

  42. Two massive testicles??!!! Omg I'm still laughing hhhahaha

  43. An additional weight of baubles could be the problem. I would definitely ask an electrician for opinion.

  44. Those are the nicest Wellies I’ve seen. Dang

  45. Definitely add the garland to finish the look. 😊

  46. I’d like to see how you store all of your jewelry.

  47. Howard and Henrietta are such adorable additions!

  48. Oh my gosh! Lol when you sneezed it sounded like the Duke of Hazards car horn 😂
    Thank you for the inspiration to decorate today! ❤️💚

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