A graying America sets major challenges for nation’s future

In 2021, about 17% of Americans were 65+. That was up almost 4% from 2010, when about 13% of the nation’s population fell into that group.

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  1. Boomers need to take an early grave

  2. The world will be a better place when some of these people croak.

  3. Because the younger generation are being killed off at a staggering level.

  4. Even my nose hair turned gray

  5. Time to get the boomers that brought us Trump and MAGA out of here!!!

  6. Fauci and democrats have tried their best to take out the older generation with covid that Fauci helped make in lab with funding and lies

  7. *United States of America USA 🇺🇲

    America is a continent.
    An American is from the Continent of America.

  8. The older population is getting wealthier than the shrinking young population.

  9. Sorry for those that lives in a state that makes them age faster.

  10. Yay! Our population is contracting following that horrible baby boom. Now, the Earth can recover from human overpopulation.

  11. Ice hole….
    Won't be missed . Bud light News

  12. The background music is very distracting.

  13. Hispanics should be more welcomed in this country than Asians. Sorry not sorry, it was their country first and Asians have a whole other continent to look at, Hispanics have nothing.

  14. The root cause is concentrated wealth.

  15. Because nobody wants to have kids with a leftist agenda to destroy their future

  16. When racial numbers are a little more even in this country and some of these old world people die off, we will be able to make the USA into the country it was meant to be.

  17. This statistical mentality will not help or save or love anyone ‼️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💢💢 Please read Iron John and The Sibling Society by Robert Bly.💙🗡️🇺🇸‼️

  18. Why by race though? Who cares. You guys just can’t help it.

  19. Hispanics are taking their country back. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  20. Exactly why we need young strong immigrants.

  21. He says whites aged at the fastest rate, NO, they aged at the slowest rate from 2010 to 2021 at about 30% increase in the 65+ age group.
    And this guy probably makes over million dollars a year and doesn't know basic math concepts.

  22. And ppl still wonder why abortion rights were overturned. Anyone else having trouble buying or finding birth control? Anyone else wonder why the government continues to let poverty soar? Poor people statistically have more kids. That number is even higher if they are uneducated. Anyone else wonder why the reproductive health classes that used to be required to graduate have all but disappeared? Or how about the federal $3K child tax bonus during tax season? Every person bearing a Social Security number has a literal monetary value to the United States government. The power of a country comes from its people.

    China is facing a similar problem due to their generation long "One Child" policy. They are now offering incentives of any and every thing you could think of to try and get their citizens to make more citizens. There are whole cities in china that have no inhabitants. Like, the opposite of "build it and they shall come".

  23. Wait, how can the white population be aging faster? I don't understand these stats.

  24. The U.S doesn't consider this a huge issue otherwise we would see for incentives like in china

  25. Funny how there was more older white people

  26. The way it is going now Democrats will have America destroyed long before this

  27. As far as the government is concerned young people basically aren’t even allowed in 😂 whole country run by corrupt senile people who have had their positions their entire adult lives

  28. That's a huge challenge. The boy scouts, and priests are going to be too busy with funerals and helping people cross the street to play gender check. What are they going to do?

  29. Good info, but the fast-paced loud drumming drowned out Chuck's voice, and was way out-of-sync with the vocal pace, ceating problems in this gal's ADHD brain. Drop the background drums.

  30. Boomers are fading away? Best news all day! 👍

  31. Don't worry we won't be around much longer under hyperinflation.

  32. America will be Native Again.