Friday , January 15 2021
Home / News / A look at polling in key battleground states ahead of the 2020 presidential election | USA TODAY

A look at polling in key battleground states ahead of the 2020 presidential election | USA TODAY

2020 Election: A look at polling in key battleground states.
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Battleground states are taking center stage ahead of the election. USA TODAY’s States of America discusses polling in three key states.

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  1. This is crazy. How's it a guy who's slept through an election- without a platform suddenly wakes up claiming he won. This is not democracy. Corruption. It's the fake media in cahoots with big tech. The enablers of the radical left. Shame on their agenda to ruin the United States of America. God remind them that You're in charge and the judge here!!

  2. No one is asking the key question: why were 44 states + DC able to count their votes and six states failed in their obligations!

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  4. As long people like trump exist in this world we wont be united

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  6. Long live the Communist Party!🇨🇳共产党万岁!


  8. Personally I believe whoever wins the 2020 election the calibre of those candidates running for election are very poor. Trump a definite egotistical maniac and Bison that wouldn't be capable of lasting his time out. But I guess it's up to the American people to decide, thank god I'm in Australia

  9. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! And other anti-gun politicians! Listen up! Instead of at least leveling the battleground between legal gun owners and the criminals, you’re giving the criminals an overwhelming advantage over the law abiding gun owners! With your gun control laws, you limit our home defense for protecting our families, and our love ones, by taking away our AR 15 rifle’s and limiting our magazine capacity for all guns! As law abiding citizens, and legal gun owners, under the second amendment, we have the right to protect our families with the best weapons, gear and equipment available to save their lives!

    Those criminals do not recognize or care about your gun control laws!

    And if a group of thugs kick in my door, totin’ guns with high-capacity magazines, and I’m standing there with a pea shooter, I’ll be thinking about the both of you!

    If Joe Biden loses the presidential race, his Achilles’ heel will be solely tampering with the Second Amendment!

    This is why Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race, because Americans didn’t take kindly to her threatening to take away their guns!
    And whatever popularity she had, it plummeted overnight!

    And to all anti-gun politicians,

  10. If you haven't voted yet, get off your ass and do it!!!🇺🇲😡

  11. Board up your windows, Democrats can’t control their racism any longer

  12. If Biden gets elected, I will be moving to Australia

  13. Love president Trump, looking forward to 4 more years.

  14. Be prepared for cities to burn if Liberals dont get their way 🙁

  15. I voted for the old white guy 😂

  16. Sad to see that the US votes for a corrupt and demented guy who hasn’t done any good for the people in 47 years…..
    He did the opposite: Put black people in prison and enriched himself—on cost of his drug-addicted son Hunter.Just disgusting.
    when Biden wins tonight the US will lose their world leadership,because Biden is in chinese pockets
    This might be the result of very poor education the last decades.The US wanted soldiers,not students…… 🤔


  18. Trump's trucks may be impounded for disrupting elections and disabled for life.

  19. Fake News Media will be all in lying about this election.
    Expect "cyber attacks, trump stealing, blah blah" all lies.
    Fake News Media works for globalists not Americans.

  20. 500 million Americans voted! Perfect.

  21. USA you lied to us too many times
    You destroyed your own credibility
    You exposed your own corruption
    We will never forget 🇺🇸

  22. 🤮 bad lady speaker… unpolished.

  23. 🤔 Where have I heard all this before? Oh! That's right! 4 years ago…🥱🤣

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