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A month after election, Trump continues to challenge votes despite clear Biden win

President Trump has repeated baseless theories about voter fraud since President-elect Joe Biden won key swing states. Those involved in the election process in these states speak about what happened.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Democrats will send you to Jail. Be ready mr. president.

  2. When MSM use words like "false", "baseless", "unfounded", "unsubstantiated" without getting into the specifics, that's how you know they're scared.

  3. Trump won, the fraud has been exposed. ABC is trying to stir up left wing domestic terrorism

  4. Heavenly Father,
    We release the lightning of God into America. It will shock and stun the courts, shock the world and Your enemies. The enemies of God have no hiding place. And the resulting shockwaves will uncover everything that is being hidden.
    America shall be saved.
    Job 37, verses 2, 3 and 4 states:
    "Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth. He unleashes his lightning beneath the whole Heaven and sends it to the ends of the earth.
    After that comes the sound of His Roar; He thunders with His majestic Voice. When His Voice resounds, He holds nothing back."

    For my sisters and brothers in Christ… remember: You are a container for God's amazing power. An instrument to be used. You have the ability to release His power. Ask him for guidance. Ask Him to release multitudes of Angels into America in this season. Confess that we have all we need to FINISH this assignment. Ask God to shock the courts, the swamp, and the entire nation with His Infinite Wisdom and Deliverence that He brings.
    Our decree:
    (if you're a believer, please say this out loud…it does not matter if you're in a prayer group, with family, friends or by yourself…it has Power).
    "We release the lightning of God into the land; the resulting shockwaves of God will uncover every hidden thing that stands in His way."
    Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States of America.
    In Jesus Christ's Name,

  5. Trump's grown son is dangerously angry and extremely Bitter. Most important : " Congratulations To AMERICA'S NEW PRESIDENT: 🎊 PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN 🎊 yeah Forevermore 🎊🎊🎊🎊✨✨✨✨💖💖💖💖💖💖🌟✨✨✨ YEAH ❤️

  6. Just dont call him president elect until after the January 6 as per the constitution clearly states.


  8. Trumpis like a old kid……..unable to show his class…..
    Im ambarassed…….
    He tłok away my health benefits and food stamps…..Thats why I prefer Biden…..
    Im 69 and live on $300 a month..

  9. As long as people send trump. Money, he'll keep spreading unfounded allegations

  10. When Trump walks on water like Jesus did then I'll believe there was so called voter fraud!!

  11. Now the Republicans (whoever was backing this (666) beast from hell ): are All Revealed. ha haha. Money issssssss the ROOT OF ALL EVIL

  12. Get over it Grump! US citizens are dying of COVID every 35 seconds & you're acting like a whining child! Grow up & do your job for once! Pay attention to the Covid crisis!

  13. Trump is trying to stop communists takeover of America. This takeover is supported by main media face book tweeter and Democrats, engineered and financed by Soros who will destroy America if elected into the white house. They want you liberties, constitution acts, land and bank accounts.

  14. Yes this election was stolen and the American People should demand a investigation. The Media is calling this a conspiracy story instead of actual looking into the charges of election fraud. The American people can not trust the media after the four years of the Russian conspiracy and Obama Gate. Hang them High and Hang them Low.

  15. Lol trump. I want big corporations like the media to give me free health care. The ultimate revenge

  16. Are you open minded? 
Over 87% of Main Stream News is documented to be contrived…FAKE news. What makes this report any different? If you read or watch content that only supports your thoughts or philosophy, then your mind is not open. "A closed mind is a dying mind" Edna Ferber

  17. I demand the truth, as do most Americans. Yes, double down on the "rhetoric" (otherwise known as facts)…

  18. Trump the type to get k.o in first round of boxing match and say he won because he wanted to go sleep early!

    Watch this. Obvious evidence of voter fraud caught on camera…
    Not baseless claims.

  20. what a disgrace winning through stupid fraud

  21. Trump will bring down biden and his corrupt cheating chumps. there is lots more evidence on the way. i loved the cctv of the corrupt democrats
    pulling cases full of Biden votes out from under the table AFTER telling everyone the vote was over and to go home, Hilarious hope the cheating women in the video realises how many years in prison shes looking at for this felony. They will probably reduce their sentence if they co-operate and inform on other cheating democrats, which will in turn open the flood gates as they turn on each other to reduce jail time.
    Its going to be epic grab a beer and enjoy the show, Rudy Lin and Sidney are absolutely doing a brilliant job and president Trump is letting them do their job, whilst he gets on with his under these trying times.

    When this fantastic four pull this together it will change things for the better American can recover from the shame the Democrats have brought,

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