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A new ERA?

This new amendment aims at granting equal rights for women under the Constitution.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. ABC News, tell us again how Joe Biden is the most popular American President in history. Tell us why Biden got 15 million more votes than Barack Obama. And Biden only came out of his basement about five-time to campaign, yet still 80 Million votes without campaigning. And when Biden did speak publically he always stuck his foot in his mouth, babbling nonsense that was laughable. Yet 15 Million more votes than Obama. Yes, no voter fraud there.

  2. how you new socialists in US liking liking global warming? where's Am Gore? probably staying warm in Florida. bunch of bullshit you lapped up like sheep

  3. The constitution is to blame… Uh no. Your Constitution is better than any other charter of rights in the world.

  4. Pass the era religion is destroying us

  5. You've had EQUAL TREATMENT FOR A HUNDRED YEARS. Don't like things? Don't commit crime. Go to work. Keep your job. Teach your children to do right. Pay your bills. Respect others and their property. You'll do well!

  6. Get Real, The ERA is going nowhere fast. Why? It's a biased, bigoted, anti-men, the right to exclude men by law from jobs & schools piece of legislation.

  7. One in 3 children in America is starving? The truth is 18.5% of children between 2 and 19 are obese. We already have free breakfast and lunch for needy children, food stamps, and WICS. Needy children, by and large, live in single parent household where the parent has a limited education and qualifications for higher paying employment. There are exceptions, of course, because even the best plans can go awry. Since when are women denied recourse when they are victims of violence? As a woman, I haven't found that to be true. This woman may be well-meaning, but she doesn't sound very informed.

  8. I don't want any of today's politicians messing with the constitution Republican or Democrat. We are on brink of civil war because these idiots and now you wanna allow them to mess with the one thing that tells government what they are not allowed to do. Even of some how you succeed both sides will then view the constitution as a partisan article in which guaranteeing that one half of the country will dismiss it on its entirety.

  9. Every man opposing this needs to stand up in public in front of all the women he knows and say out loud-“I don’t believe that you deserve to make as much money as I do. I don’t think you deserve the constitutional protection that I have. I don’t believe you’re worth as much as I am. I don’t support an equal rights amendment for women.”

  10. How about giving your people some electricity and financial security before trying to make yourselves look good in the eyes of the public..
    Assholes will always be among us it's inevitable.

  11. She needs to listen to some Jordan Peterson

  12. It needs to say no discrimination based on sex OR gender💯

  13. Blow me. Pay inequities are not proven. Not based on the same job w same experience

  14. Your garbage "news" feed online indicates strategy to pressure republicans on COVID relief. How do you get away with calling yourself a news show?

  15. Ohh please, they don’t want equality.

  16. Women live longer and women get more government assistance women are smart and wealthy and strong. Some of the highest positions are women and some of the wealthiest.

  17. Who else starred confused at this title for about 40 seconds?

  18. . . . .. it is, the End of the Age

  19. Women already get a Leftist biased advantage in college admission, not being drafted in wartime, advantages over men in all federal job hiring and promotions, and the best shifts, safest assignments in police & fire departments. Family courts award women child custody 94% of the time over men. This anti-men pro-discrimination bill just makes all that legal.

  20. They should probably uphold the rest of the constitution, before adding to it . A piece of paper does not quantify rights ! It's how you yourself treat others !

  21. Women do not have equal rights under the United States Constitution because the equal rights amendment was never ratified.

  22. What about an Amendment prohibiting discrimination against white COLORED people?

  23. I have always, as a man, believed in equal rights for women.
    And equal responsibility and obligation as well.
    Equality goes beyond rights.

  24. This won't get much further than the omoeachnents did. There are too many states that don't see any need for this amendment.

  25. The only rational reason I can think of not to work in this direction is that it inherently begins a new branch of legislation and litigation which will involve new problem solving and changes to how people interoperate with respect to the law where social attributes are at work with organic truths. Its fairly general at the surface and then as each new person finds they are exploited and litigates, those who exploit look for a new loophole. Somehow we need to find a constitutional law against being an exploiter of people and squarely identifying those types in a way that can be used to assign culpability. End exploitation, and all your problems go away.

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