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A Party Divided: The GOP & Immigration | Meet The Press Reports

Immigration reform is hard. Republican politics is making it harder.

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  1. He didn’t call them that!
    He said that’s what’s coming here!

  2. To all the people that have immigrated to the United States of America.

    You didn’t come for oppression. You came for FREEDOM. Read the US Constitution and follow the belief that “we the people’ have gathered together to form a more perfect union.

    United we stand, divided we fall is something we all must believe. “We the people” do not want an oppressive government.

    We only need the government to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. FULL STOP

    The bill of rights was written to protect us from a tyrannical government. DO NOT let oppressive leaders fool you into submission.

    You and your family can be free and can sing, “Let freedom ring”. We welcome you to our country in peace but please support your new country and its citizens.

  3. Good luck with that so called bi-partisan. Repubs are evil with no heart, they are not human.

  4. Before the Republic going to do anything about the problems in America like immigration poverty food the covid crisis domestic terrorist proud boys etc etc they need that first start learning how to tell the truth that day need to learn how to get away from Donald Trump they need to put transparency honesty and morals back in the Republican party which means they probably got to get rid of most of the Republican party and start over again so you be hard-pressed to find morals truth and Justice and all these things in any of the Republicans

  5. Excellent coverage generally but not mentioning the large number of unaccompanied minors diminishes the value of this particular piece.

  6. You forgot president Bush's push for immigration, need not go back to Reagan

  7. Delete this NBC.
    2 + 2 = 4
    How you hate facts and statistics.

  8. "We have a labor shortage issue."
    No, we have a issue with small businesses that want a larger profit margin through not paying taxes and lower wages.

  9. trump just wanted to stop illegal immigration. illegal!

  10. If it wasn't for the Bracero Program ending in the 1950's, Border Patrol would probably still be trying to keep Europeans out instead of Mexicans and South Americans.
    A little history courtesy of Dr. Massey from Princeton University: https://youtu.be/B4cojgCfwrw

  11. Great Job Chuck Todd. I’m not looking for A Party; I’m Creating A Party; Because where Division Resides Compromise Abides. Stalemate is not An Option When Things Must Get Accomplished. INDEPENDENCE CONSTITUTION INDIVIDUALS COLLECTIVE. Immigrants and The Youth are Perfect ALLEGIANCES FOR MY ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, PERFECT START.

  12. They never talk about guest worker program

  13. Gop trump party is just a plain rasist party haters of everyone who is not ehite

  14. Where were all the immigrant workers on Jan 6th???……working

  15. Well, Reagan represents some of the best part of GOP, unfortunately, that is only the past, today's GOP has become a threat to the national security of USA, from within. Don't know how they got there, just know the action that USA need to deal with that threat is very, simple.

  16. "Meet the Press" has degenerated into yet another pro-Democrat public relations show

  17. Well be talking the same thing 10 years from now , it’s all talk and no action

  18. Why doesn't the US just take over Mexico and the central American countries and make them part of the US? Then those people won't have to leave home to come to the US.

  19. Ok, GOP Rep from Iowa. You think Trump's immigration policies were effective. Well, I know how to make them even more effective – just machine gun down anyone trying to cross the border. There, why didn't Trump propose that? It would work wonders.

  20. Donald Trump broke people's brain's. We live in an upside down world now where WAR CRIMINAL George Bush is all of a sudden this rehabilitated compassionate republican artist everyone should strive to be! Wtf is going on!!??

  21. Reagan was a complete joke! He was nothing more than play a character.

  22. It’s true that stimulus checks have been sent to millions of undocumented illegal aliens! Hope folks don't mind that most of their own money is going as well ..

  23. Its these Racist white-men that don’t like what the American women look like.

  24. Nice work Chuck .. But it's 6 years too late ..

  25. The. Republican party is a show of putrefaction live.

  26. How can private investments gain while curbing the pandemic, saving lives?

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    Sea & Air transportation, are replaced by Virus Diffusion Drives, VDD. LIST.

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    difference in proper virus values across borders X Lengths/Areas between
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  27. Divided ???? They are all together RACIST

  28. Don’t listen to state sponsored media, we are a free country with a communist run media, based on lies and manipulation to carry their misguided narrative.

  29. This is so cute!!! Absolutely we all elected an administration that will bring back America!!!
    Higher taxes, higher gasoline prices, no leadership, Open BORDERS!!!!, unemployment, weak politicians, higher incontrolable CRIME in our country, no law, no order, now Cyberattacks.
    Exactly what all Americans always wanted and hoped for, these are all the reasons why all Americans voted for Joe!!! 👏 Bravo! Congratulations!!!

  30. There is always a day of reckoning, it is here right now. Our history is coming to bite us in the butt. We need to reconcile our differences and make this country a democracy again. Our political leaders need to follow the Constitution of the United States of America. End of discussion.

  31. Now you know what the black community has had to deal with when it comes to white supremacy in this country. Black Americans weren’t given the opportunity to immigrate to the United States. They were taken from their countries and use the slaves to make the europeans wealthy. I worry about all people of color in this country. Why does this have to be an issue. This country was built on immigration. It was called a melting pot. But now they want to restrict who comes into the country because the Republicans are getting to be a minority in this country not the majority. When Republicans talk about cancel culture, what they really mean is loss of powers due control.

  32. President Trump and Americans are more united than ever.😆
    This reminds me of fake news saying "everyone is turning on Trump" for 5 years….

  33. Immigration is the problem you can’t find people to work in your restaurants. It’s because you restaurants don’t wanna pay their employees. Servers have been getting screwed for years and years and years. Why does somebody have to work in a restaurant and hope to god the people that they serve reward them with a tip. That system is so antiquated it’s pathetic

  34. I visited my elder sister in the San Diego area in 1967 She took us to Tijuana several times. There was a fence along the border as far as you could see in either direction as we were stopped at the Customs Office.

    There was a distinct difference between the two countries. On the Northern side of the border the area was mostly desert habitat. The Southern side was a vast shanty town. When I quized my sister about the fence she said that the fence was put up to keep immigrants from coming over the border. So this Meet the Press Report has incorrect information when stating that the fence was put in place under President Clinton.

  35. Alfonso a liar and hypocrite GOP MAGA person. Americans has to work 2 to 3 jobs because the Republicans pass laws the benefit the rich and wealthy and hurt the middle class and poor Americans. Last one was Tax Act 2017 under Trump administration. Stop blaming immigrants that come and work the jobs the Americans do no want to do such the the Fiels, milking cows, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning ect.

  36. Trump is the America-Virus.
    Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, they say Trump is no good. But, they cannot survive without Trump. Liz Cheney should be their leader.
    Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Madison Cawthorn, Lauren Boebert, Majorie Taylor Greene, they are toxic. We need a new Republican Party.

  37. 2020 – 2021 feels like when you use a time machine, but you spill taco sauce.

  38. No one needs convincing that the border is a problem. But that doesn't justify treating immigrants like criminals.

  39. not that hard for investment immigration under donald Trump, Trump approved a lot of investment immigration, if you parents work in corporation want to immigrate to US, you will get approved. buy a million dollar real estate in US and show record of high income, Trump will approve you. republican party was never against immigrants who are rich or talented. i am sure if you are a nobel math prize winner, Trump will give you green card in 2 days

  40. There is no reason to vilify desperate immigrants.

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