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A police officer assisted a man in helping him find his family after 24 years

Officer Sean Pfiefer made dozens of phone calls to help Jose Lopez find his family after not seeing them for 24 years.


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  1. So some Americans are human beings.
    Boycott the usa.
    The USA has no allies any more.

  2. I helped a Mexican family escape from a car at 7-11. I had to break a window to get them out.

  3. A police officer assisted a man in helping him find his family after 24 years
    Aisle 37 at Walmart.

  4. Best officer👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  5. It's good to see good police officers shine

  6. Crazy .. I met my dad when I was 22 after never knowing him and didn't feel this emotional. God bless his daughters and God bless him.

  7. Nice to see a good cop for a change. Maybe even a great cop I think.

  8. 👍👍 to the officer who took so much time to help this man I am eternally grateful 💞

  9. Ohhh those girls will take good care of pop’s…

  10. Awwwwwww😭😭😇 that officer is the shit😭🤟🏾

  11. Police officers are amazing. Most of them are awe-inspiring

  12. Cops are here to enslave. Dont let stories like this decieve you

  13. 1 good deed by 1 good officer. Why is this even news.. this is what normal people do without even thinking about it
    Yet look at how the police are trying so hard to promote themselves because they know they do more wrong than right

  14. A thought though: why does — this kind of lifestyle of breeding all over and then forget, separate or divorce, abandon new breed to social system, and then those breeds start and redo the cycle– NOT happen among Asians, Indians, Middle Easterns, Muslims and groups other than Hispanics and African-Americans ?

  15. This is wonderful ,I wish I could see my Dad and my mom again

  16. It's funny. I'm a callused person. I tend to be a dick and pessimistic but man, stories like this always bring a tear to my eyes.

    This hard exterior is starting to crack and after 33 years, I'm ok with it.

  17. 14 grandchildren? Holy fuck, doesn't he only have 2 daughters?

  18. Awesome story❤️ but 14 grandchildren from two daughters? Daaamn

  19. Looking at a homeless man as a real person. Helping him to look the way he would prefer to and the family reunion, so important for all of them. I hope it works out, a good job by office Sean.

  20. We reap what we sow Officer Pfiefer so your due a great reward in this life or the next X

  21. God damn it, why'd you have to make me cry? 😅

  22. Wow this democratic organization is showing something that is pro American what

  23. Beautiful.
    My Mom recently passed away and this story brought a tear to my eyes.

  24. Yawn… police trying to do good in efforts to reverse all the fuck shit that they do daily.
    Im glad this man found his family. Good for him.

  25. God Bless you officer Sean,🙏

  26. Thank You 🙏 Ofcr. Pheiffer
    God Bless You and Your Family
    and this Man who needed Help!

  27. ARC found me while I was trying to get away and hide from my family! I was pissed off.🤣😂🤣😂So I guess it goes both ways…

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