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A Tangled Web l 20/20 l PART 1

A brief, chance encounter between 2 women sets a dire plot in motion: Part 1

Dave Kroupa was casually seeing Shanna “Liz” Golyar for a short time when Cari Farver walked into the auto shop where he worked. When Goylar saw Farver leave Kroupa’s apartment, everything changed.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. LINK TO FULL EPISODE IS ALWAYS AT TOP IN THE DESCRIPTION. The full episodes of can always be found on ABCs website– under the 'shows' tab. They can be viewed a week after they're posted, otherwise within the first 7 days you have to enter your cable provider.

  2. Can't be bothered to watch a show cut into small pieces.

  3. So he had sex with Kari on their first date and she said listen it’s sex we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend but she has a key to his place within 2 weeks?!

  4. This was a good one. That woman was sick!!! I hope she rots in jail.

  5. What fuken dating site is this guy on … Crazy Woman thats way you do go on there lol

  6. This woman is a man crazy, codependent, misogynistic, sociopathic killer (of at least 1 woman and 3 pets). And she did all of that to "keep" a (basic) man that was never hers.🤦‍♀️ As a feminist I have no problem saying I hate women like her.

  7. Whole story makes me cringe

  8. And why should this be interesting?

  9. I heard entanglement I thought it was about Jayda Pinkett

  10. Carrying on family tradition of making money off the backs and names of other people… a parasite!! Yea well done!!!

  11. This guy must be blind too this chicks brutal

  12. I'm annoyed he looks way better and younger now.

  13. Found this episode on Hulu it doesn’t cut off. Won’t be able to help rethinking new relationships after watching this 🤮

  14. Has no furniture but can get a laptop and pay for internet 🤣 priorities

  15. Applebee's for the first date come on dude lol

  16. Awe me n my lovers first date was applebys 4yrs ago..

  17. Dave is justt to tall and skinny probably why women go after him that is about it

  18. Hey this is where I live.

  19. She was bright and Shiny?! JUST LIKE A BRAND NEW CAR!!

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