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A Tangled Web l 20/20 l PART 3

Cari Farver’s mother reports her missing but the hate-filled texts continue: Part 3

When Farver missed one family event after another, including her father’s funeral, her mother Nancy Raney became convinced something was wrong. Dave Kroupa becomes more and more afraid of his stalker.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. No one wondered why she wouldn’t talk over the phone or when her son asked three questions to prove it was really her she refused? It’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

  2. ABC always leaves off the final episode in every series.

  3. liz was too old and ugly to be acting like that

  4. Just by how they looked from part 1 I already had a feeling Liz cause she straight up looked batshit crazy.

  5. Why repeat stories from episode 1 over and over again with drizzles of what happened next it's just guzzling data

  6. this is why internet dating is NEVER the answer, better safe than sorry, I speak with experience

  7. I can't believe he didn't figure out he was sleeping with the enemy😱

  8. Why did they track her phone?

  9. BOYCOTTING ABC true crime vids. Far better content creators on youtube. And they don't repeat the same info to drag out the story and waste viewers' time. ⌚

  10. Looks like i have too many crazy exgf/bfs right now lol

  11. This town sure seems to have slim pickings when it comes to men. I mean the guy is boasting how many women he dating. He contributed to a loss of a life.

  12. I don't blame her. Living with bipolar 2 disorder, it's hard to hold some of these bursts of anger. It's funny af too because I also program haha

  13. I watch so many murder deaths kill shows they shouldn't of took over 2 years to even find out it was Liz with all the technology we have ugh this special pissed me off😕

  14. Ummmm cari seems to be doing the most for some guy she hung with a few times and a person she walked by. Sounds like someone else is behind this, sounds like Liz is pulling the strings and she is CRAZY.

  15. HOW did they let this go on for so long 🙁

  16. I can tell Carrie’s not writing the texts and her family couldn’t? Crazy.

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  18. Like ok we get the point now, let's get more into of what happened to Cari 🙄 ABC do this alot, after part 5 there's no end!? Ugh 🙄 annoying

  19. If he changed his number many times. How in the world did she get his new numbers? Unless she had a contact at the cell phone company?

  20. I'm sorry I'm by no means trying to put the police down but this seems like it could have been solved much quicker than it was. All they had to do was follow the digital evidence and they would have quickly seen that Liz was behind this the entire time. I mean I feel so bad for this poor family 😢 especially the son. Come on two two years to see what was really obvious, had they just fine some typical police work the family wouldn't have suffered so long.

  21. I’m on part three and I feel like I’m watching part one over again and again… stop repeating the same things!

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  24. Why did they wait so long to properly search the car for blood? I mean we've watched Forensic Files it was obvious there would be blood in Cari's car.

  25. This should or would be a great movie

  26. Google and you will get complete story with ending.

  27. Lastly, you can dial 911 or hook to Wi-Fi at any place that offers (i.e. Starbucks) and text, hook to the internet, etc. But that leads more to my question, who was paying the bill and why weren't people finger printed from the start

  28. I do not understand why they did not trace this phone to begin with !!!

  29. Part 1 they're just hooking up, Part 2 their gf/bf? 🥴😂

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  31. Who was paying the bills on her home, phone, etc??

  32. This is more diabolical than any horror movie I have seen or will ever see.


  34. Over him?? We need to teach our children to respect ourselves and not settle.

  35. I wanna know who was paying the phone bill? I ask because she wasn't pulling out money. Did her Mom? The cops? Because she kept using phone so they decided to keep it on?? I just wonder if they said, well let's look into that?? Money grams…they can be traced, call in over the phone payment….just wondering if that would have given any clues sooner 🤷🏼‍♀️. Just glad this was solved and her, her name, her family were given justice, closure, hopefully 💕

    Edit: Still watching but pretty sure I see the ending

  36. Liz is behind it all…bet. People are so crazy. Why do I even watch these 😔

  37. you guys are the real MVP. i was watching this at work yesterday but couldnt finish it

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