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A Tangled Web l 20/20 l PART 4

A mysterious phone call turns into more anguish for Cari Farver’s mother: Part 4

Five months after Cari Farver had disappeared, Nancy Raney got a phone call from someone claiming Farver was living in a homeless shelter and wanted to be picked up, but it turned out to be a bust.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Get to the point! Point less videos

  2. How could you set your own house on fire with your pets inside you my be psycho I would run back in to my get my pets

  3. ABC why did you guys repeat the same part 5 times???

  4. He is attracted to women with mental illness. One is bipolar and the other psychotic.

  5. Do they not know you can just block phone numbers and emails?

  6. They keep dragging it out & repeating the same things over & over! Tell me! Lol

  7. Police put in zero effort otherwise this could've been solved once they had data from crazy pants cell phone.

  8. So like this whole place has no cameras? Like why wouldn’t you put a camera on your home? Why does this just repeat over and over? What happened?

  9. Why was this four parts when most of it was the same info over again?

  10. omg that was awful not just the story but the damn path of links and adds to get the full story…….

  11. No one ever states the obvious, KEEP YOU PANTS ON MISTER NO NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPEN!

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  13. Could a man ever do what Liz did? Firstly conceive of it mentally and then execute it? Yes, I'm picking a fight.

  14. Becoming numb is an understatement at this point. We all know that this ain't working as expected. Shall we sneed, rat or love bread guys? lol

  15. shows just how lazy cops are

  16. This is the most convoluted, diabolical story I've seen in resent memory. Outrageous.

  17. 2 innocent dogs, 1 cat & 1 snake, needlessly murdered. And by 🔥fire..🔥 the worst!
    💔🐶💔🐶💔🐱💔🐍 😢

  18. These stories are why I will never understand why so many people are dating people from internet dating sites!

  19. Just know starting part four, can't wait to hear the recap of part one… for the third time 🍿

  20. Dude these episodes are getting less and less information on the matter at hand, very repetitive and waste of time

  21. Wait it was a picture of her in a trunk and she denied it? This guy is a moron.

  22. Dave certainly wasn’t worth all this.

  23. If anybody wants to see a better explanation go to that Chapter he explains it way better

  24. Liz killed her own animals in the fire?? Sickening.

  25. This really dragged on. We get it. Liz is the crazy one. The end.

  26. That chapter did a full complete video of this case, many details unveiled.

  27. Where's is that damn Nebraska located ??

  28. I would love to give ABC the finger rn for wasting my time!! Part 4 and NOTHING! I'm not going to watch part 5! I mean up to part 4 it's only telling us about Cari Messages etc… nothing on what actually happened!!! Geez🙄 ABC deserves my middle finger for this 🤨 Ugh

  29. I know its illegal, but a baseball bat to cheating mans vehicle would've sufficed. No dude is worth all of this.

  30. Looked up Cari read the whole story.

  31. Who was paying Cari's phone bill-? How did she keep getting Dave's new #'s -?? I'm confused 😆 lol

  32. ABC it isn’t hard to upload it all in one loop. Like hello, you’re ABC. 🛑

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