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A third of Basecamp's workforce quits after CEO bans political talk at work

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz reacts to the Basecamp CEO’s ban on political talk at work.

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  1. That CEO just made some folks a lot of money 😂 brilliant move 👏

  2. It has been banned at our school, for the staff. 🥳

  3. Since I know they are hiring I’ll see if they have anything that would be a fit for me! Good for them! This is WORK not your personal space or your personal time. They are paying for your work, not your political opinions.

  4. I'd work for this CEO in a heartbeat. I LOVE what he has done.

  5. Let the little woke walk. They don't belong in work force. You don't just let them talk about anything they want. You would have who knows what subjects. Half Of I wouldn't want to hear.

  6. Old joe will pay them not to work. That's joe's politics.

  7. Yes! Finally, a company that put the kibosh on wokeness in the workplace. I can't believe it's taken this long for a company to realize that politics don't belong in the office!

  8. capitalism at work lol. you wanna be an activist? go grab a sign and cry outside, the rest of us want to work and grow a business

  9. they did him a huge favor and took the trash out

  10. Bye, Felicia! The more that business owners, teachers, private citizens fight back against the woke nonsense, the quicker we can stop talking about it all the time and move on with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  11. How do we help.keepmhim in business?

  12. But I bet they can talk about Lebron or BLM….

  13. Banning political talks? This was the social normal in the past.
    If it’s interfering with work production and is bringing the vibe down then yes. They should just vote on it as a company. That way everyone gets somewhat of a say in the matter. I could see how this would effect people mentally if it gets out of hand and feelings are hurt. That’s really easy these days. So maybe it’s a good idea. Or even better just encourage the idea and voice opinions on why. Kind of authoritarian to just out right ban it unless someone got hurt or it’s out of control. Making the work place unbearable. Good luck.

  14. Now if the NFL could just follow the lead of Basecamp!!!!


  16. Politics should never be discussed at work period.

  17. I bet the 2/3 are finally happy to come to work.

  18. Good grief! If you can't just do your work without talking about politics, just unbelievable.

  19. Gosh, I want to work there.

  20. What can we do to support Basecamp? That is great news!

  21. This, Hero, is mentally , and morally tough

  22. Man that was greatest move ever! Pure the sjw garbage, and hire people with none of those viewpoints

  23. As long as the company doesn't try to say what its employees can talk about outside of the office…

  24. Good for Basecamp. Politics has always divided people and it has gotten way out of control. People are bewitched. Enough is enough. Time to let go of the nonsense and get back to work. These CEO's of companies should not give in to the propaganda of these woke nutsos. They shouldnt care if they're called names. So what. All this political bumbo jumbo has gotten way out of hand. Its like these people are under some kind of spell or something.

  25. I wonder if all the ones that quit had pink and purple hair?…

  26. Get woke go broke!

  27. And don't forget that there are people that will take those employees places. Good for you Basecamp, we will support you. 👍

  28. And big shout out to the decision maker here. Thats how you run a good healthy strong business.

  29. American heros. We have been silent waiting, watching. When its time were fighting back. God bless and hello all caring americans with values and morals. I've missed you.

  30. boycott FOX for Lou Dobbs

  31. I pray God's protection and provision over this company. Thank you for taking a stand! We all need to do that in our sphere of influence and the world will change!!

  32. I bet Basecamp will go up in profits so fast! Those people were cancer

  33. Plenty of people looking for jobs! I say good job! More companies need to wake up and do the same!

  34. I pray that the CEO doesn't cave to the Left. Only strength will save us.

  35. Wow! I am going to apply for a job at basecamp

  36. Oh great….now what is Basecamp supposed to do with the 390 gallons of soy milk in the lunch room??

  37. A real businesses way to go you work for the company not yourself

  38. Hey Basecamp. Don't be bullied. You're doing the right thing. Let em quit. Proud of your company. Nice job CEO.👍

  39. Now they are jobless and can join the protestors who loot and burn cities! Good for them ,good for basecamp and Good riddance!

  40. Perhaps some more of the bosses in corporations can take a lesson. This nonsense of employees extorting publishers over their hurt woke feelings or employees who are exercising this stupid agendas at workplaces which have nothing to do with politics needs to stop. I don’t think it earns them any bad publicity either because I really believe there are a great many people who haven’t felt they could express an opinion but are now secretly saying Good Riddance!

  41. I hope that this doesn't hurt them.

  42. It is called housecleaning and the owner was far to generous in my opinion. Six months severance pay? Not in my business. It is precisely this pandering as to why conservatives continue to lose the culture and now political and economic war.

    They don't fight back!!!

    You don't like the policy, then quit. If you violate policy, you fired.

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