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  1. Oh Josie you got to put the lamp in the washroom between the sinks and maybe get something floral to hold the toilet paper 🧻 love 💕 that wallpaper. Ok the dresses are so nice paused you and tried to get out of stock 🤣 then the shopping 🛍 oh my word there are so many beautiful places to go and you even discovered a gem 💎 of a place. Then of course Charlie’s barbecue 🍖 🍗 and you both are such awesome host. Then don’t even think about it your not having the trough🤣🤣pain and sweat 😓 this is mine and procedes to let you know that mint here herbs 🪴 there🤣 no arguments there🤣🤣🤣
    Love you guys so funny. It was priceless. Love all of your videos.
    Thank you for sharing Shalom 🕊
    Oh Dexter and Dickens looks cute as always.

  2. You should film by old ruins more often. So romantic!

  3. I’ve lived in the Cotswolds for many years now but there’s still so many hidden gems so it’s lovely to see what you find since it is all so close to me. X

  4. Beautiful tour of the Cotswolds. I loved your chain link style necklace from the initial of the Vlog. I don't remember seeing you wearing it before.

  5. made me laugh when Charlie said this is my trough and you went mmmm like saying we will see !!!!

  6. Josie, try positioning the feather tree by the Toilet and use the protruding branch as a toilet roll holder 🤔 Get some totally bouji toilet roll … just an idea 💖

  7. Josie 😀 Beautiful 🤩 powder room, why not put the feather 🪶 lamp between the 2 sinks ??
    Give it a try!
    Karen – Miami, FL

  8. Did I hear her right, the powder room doesn't have any outlets? Is it because It's an older home?

  9. 2:53 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜

    》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《



    來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1619630118

  10. Oh Josie, can I have an invite to one of your bbq – Charlie should definitely try out for master chef. Absolutely love the amazon dresses.

  11. Dress is lovely cannot get it in Canada Love the lamp in the bathroom I wouldn’t use those side bits on the sinks it will make it harder to clean. Love that bathroom 🤔🤗🦋

  12. The Aldi mirrors look fantastic. And the feather lamp is perfect there!

  13. Lydia isn’t gluten intolerant 😂

  14. Lamp has found it's HOME. Love, love the wallpaper❣️❣️❣️

  15. Josie, hi!)
    Try to place the lamp between sinks. In this position it can be used as a towel holder.)
    Just try)

  16. The Cotswolds are such a wonderful place – have loved visiting since I was 10 – so 52 years now. So different to the ‘London Life’ –

  17. The yellow rapeseed can really affect dogs eyes – be careful hun

  18. The stainless steel downward pipe you could pain white – would look much better than right next to the beautiful gold pipe

  19. try the lamp between the sinks:)

  20. oh YES to the lamp in the powder room – just elevates the decacadance! I love it!

  21. What size is your R.Vivimos floral print dress with the short puff sleeves? I'm finding the correct sizing hard to pinpoint. Yours looks like it fits just right.

  22. Love your vlogs so much guys!!

  23. mmm im not loving the lamp in the bathroom . Cute wallpaper though!

  24. Just a beautiful place to live💚

  25. Wow I love the haunted hotel

  26. Love the lamp in the loo! Perfect

  27. Amazon do have amazing things but I just can't support that company. Their treatment of their own workers makes me angry and just Jeff Bezos in general is a man whose growing whealth I do not want to contribute to. But the dress is lovely 🙂

  28. No electric outlets in your bathroom? Is that normal? How would you do your hair or plug something in to charge while in the bathroom? (Sorry, American here!)

  29. Oh, my god, another teaser for ghosts stories! You're killing me, Josie xD. For real, I would love to see some haunted places and ear some stories :D. Thank you for showing us that absolutelly marvellous palace :''

  30. Charlie seems a bit controling and mean to Josie .

  31. Hi Josie, I just love the wallpaper, perfect choice. Just a thought, would the lamp fit between the two sinks. Not sure if there is enough room?

  32. Oh the dresses are not available anymore 🙁

  33. Charlie and the trough made me laugh he he he fair play he did work hard to get it .I always smile so much watching your vlogs 💕

  34. Love your blogs get all excited to watch you and Charlie and you two boys xxx

  35. Josie Dixie belle have a gilding wax that you could use to chance the colour of the hardware on the toilet

  36. Yes yes yes the lamp in the powder room is awesome!

  37. Excellent tour of the Cotswold.

  38. I'm so happy that you're all able to enjoy being with friends again, and you look so pretty, the dresses are so adorable, especially when you pose with flowers in your backdrops

  39. I’m guessing they were Porters paws on your lap?!

  40. Hi josie love the powder room just a thought you could put the feather lamp on the opposite wall from the sinks so when you walk in you see the lamp first and not the toilet and you will see the lamp in the reflection of the mirrors try it I'd love to see how it looks, I really enjoy watching the long vlogs x

  41. Torres truffle crisp are incredible!!! You must have to pinch yourself when you are out exploring. You have so many beautiful places on your doorstep. How divine.

  42. in the powder room , could you use the stem/branch on the flamingo pink light to put toilet paper on hehe x

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