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A year after Hurricane Michael, Florida communities still trying to recover | Nightline

Some Floridians, like Kimberly Kennedy and Talia Butcher, lost everything. Other residents, like Shelly Summers who turned her backyard into a shelter have tried to help amid the devastation.

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  1. I live in Florida and I had to through this. I'm surprised I even survived and y'all are just commenting stuff like "shes hot" or "like this." Thats fucked. Just becuz you didnt go through it doesnt mean you can act like this

  2. Thank you for covering this!

  3. Still battling my insurance company a year later as we breathe in toxins because our home won't get fixed…

  4. An unreported part of the story at this time our local politicians are working on the biggest land grab in this communities history. While residents are struggling to put their lives back together. Public officials are working to condemn properties that don't meet code so their cronies can pick up land cheap. Our working poor are rapidly running out of even shabby places to live and businesses are hurting due to lack of employees. Read contractors comments below.

  5. As someone that lives in Panama City, in direct landfall, I hope you all know that most of your comments are horrible. We went to bed with a Cat 2 coming and woke up to a Cat 4 update with the bridges and roads closed..people were stuck and died as a result of this catastrophe. I just dont understand the lack of compassion.

  6. And they use my tax money to rebuild over and over and over again! SMH! I feel NO SYMPATHY for these people. You chose to live there….so suffer the consequences……

  7. We need more people like this lady who took in survivors and gave them a tent spot on her property. How many Americans would have done an act of kindness like that?

  8. The White House Criminal took money from FEMA to build a wall instead of helping natural disasters victims! SAD!

  9. Is this the third world or something?

  10. If you like this your peen will grow 5 inches

  11. I was a contractor working with USACE and FEMA on the inital response team, specificly with the Blue Roof Project. The entire time I was there I was living and working out of my truck right along side the locals and sitting in on official USACE meetings every morning seven days a week from the day we cut our way through the trees to the day they shut us down months later. A couple facts of your story are off…the official Category rating of the storm was dropped to just under a Cat 5 because of money/funding issues and your casualty numbers are way off.
    The "lawn mower" that was Micheal cut a path of destruction all the way into Georgia across the Florida pan-handle I will never forget and I lived thru Harvey in south Texas. I can tell you that the largest obstacle to rebuilding after Micheal is Florida's regulations against non-local contractors and a lack of insurance on properties in the counties effected.
    The official estimation for rebuilding all the towns and communities when I headed home to recharge a few months ago was 20 years, if at all.

  12. Meanwhile the preisdent sleeps well at nights in his king size bed right👀

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  14. How much did they paided for that crap house.. And 30 years to pay it off and the storm took it away less than 30 years. Losers.👈👀

  15. I want you to put your thumb on her face and just focus on her forehead the entire time! Trust me

  16. Rich country but the citizen are living worst than sewage rats.👈👀

  17. Bahahahahahahaha "help us trump" riiiiiiiiiiight

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