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A young father is killed after a home invasion in Texas

Brenton Estorffe’s wife told police that her husband was shot after confronting intruders that broke into their home in the middle of the night.


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  1. Pack some heat damnit. Don't be a statistic, make the criminals a statistic.

  2. Once upon a time in texas…..maybe they was looking for sharon tate???

  3. And the left wants to take our guns to make us more vulnerable.
    The police will stop at nothing to investigate this crime to find the killers. But where were they when the house was broken into and thus man killed? Arm yourself people, the government cannot and most likely will not keep you safe. It is each ones duty to protect ourselves and those we hold dear!

  4. I wonder what really happened????
    And why! I wish media will get more facts before they spew. Check facts.

  5. I'm sorry, but why is this news on the national level? Home invasions in South Texas are a daily occurrence. The home owner is often shot. Luckily they often kill The Intruders. this is a terrible story but yet another reminder as to why we in certain areas feel the need to arm ourselves for the purpose of defending our families. Sad story but all too common.

  6. I don't want to say this and wish I never had to but…you create a family you better carry a gun and train yourself to defend them.This family is lucky that it didn't escalate to something worse.My respects to the families that protect what they love.

  7. There is always something behind the story

  8. This is a nightmare. This could happen to any of us.

  9. but we should give up our guns and wait for the police right ?…….. right?…. anyone?

  10. Sounds like some very bold and desperate burglars
    to break into a house while the owners are at home.
    This sounds more like it could have been a plot to commit a murder. 🤔

  11. This is how Texas is changing the narrative to take our minds off the injustice that’s going on there. My heart and prayers is with his family. But I see the plot.

  12. Well I KNOW any intruder who's unlucky enough to break into my house will fall gravely ill to lead poisoning lol

  13. Plot twist: the home breaker is a female cop and thought the home owner was black.

  14. Remember, Beto wants you to only have a bb gun in your home

  15. Mmhmmm husband was involved in something. Confronts 2 individuals without a gun. Would have been a different outcome had he been armed. Sad thing that he had to go out like that.

  16. I think the invaders had just mistaken their house for whoever they were actually going for. Happens quite often, as criminals are often stupid.
    Also, only $25k for turning over a murderer? Human life is cheap, huh?

  17. every single time they don't describe the suspects…

  18. Such a horrible story. I am so sorry this happened.

  19. Hit job by mommy, or that lib protected (home invasion)culture that shall not be named.

  20. This is why you have a gun on you and at your house especially with this world today RIP to the father

  21. She did it. I hear the "TONE" in the "I'm so scared". The cop's know it too. I heard their tone aslo.

  22. people need to take their home security seriously. you should have a security system and a gun for home defense. alarm systems that notify police are great, but that isnt a weapon. if the bad guy isnt scared away by the alarm you better have a good weapon to defend yourself with.

  23. CNN will never cover this story.

  24. Beta O'Dorke is celebrating.

  25. Wife and kids weren’t in same room they heard window break and he went to investigate and confronted the burglars were he got shot rural neighborhood not like it was a farm gunshots would be heard and wife was calling 911 best to escape other word it just when from a B and E that can be pleaded down to a misdemeanor to 2 nd degree murder cause they didn’t plan to killing anyone one crime 2 to 5 years maybe less depending on your record has changed to from 2 to 5 to most cases 25 years to life without parole and some cases death penalty if they change the charge from 2nd degree murder to first degree Sad thing is he was from Australia and probably believe robber don’t carry guns

  26. Perfect example of why no one needs an AR-15.

  27. Hopefully they catch the no life loser suspects, but on a side note confronting a home invader unarmed is not the wisest choice, if he had no firearm, his best option would be to lock himself in somewhere and call for help.. confronting without a means of defense or a solid angle to defend from armed is a bad mistake to make.

  28. They will never take our guns.!!!!

  29. My heart goes out to this brave mans wife, children and familiy. This is why we can never let our 2nd amendment rights be taken away. Criminals do NOT obey the law, that is why they are CRIMINALS!!! They live in Texas, where there are gun shows literally every weekend. ( I know, I lived in Texas for 9 years ) If they had owned a gun, maybe it would be the lowlife home invaders who would be in the bodybag, not a law abiding citizen who needed to protect his family from danger.

  30. oh yeah, heres some important information regarding those suspects:
    One suspect is described as a dark-skinned male, approximately 5-feet, 11-inches tall, wearing a dark-colored hoodie. The other suspect is described as a dark-skinned male, approximately 6-feet tall, with a slender build and short hair.

    I'm not sure why ABC would leave out those details.

  31. Only psychopaths break into homes… if you break I to my house I will kill you… if you break into my car or shed, I won’t harm you, just hold you for the cops…

  32. If only he had one of those…what are they called?…oh yeah…the things Beta O'Dork wants to take away from us…GUNS!

  33. Ohh well he’s white, that’s nothing compared to what happens to black people 🤗🤷‍♂️…

  34. Story should have read. Homeowner kills multiple intruders in a hail of gunfire after breaking in. An acquaintance of mine recently died under nearly exact same situation. He confronted armed home invaders UNARMED and was gunned down. He didn't own a gun and he is dead because of it.

  35. Texas. That is motive enough. Texas is as bad as California. Pure insane people live there.

  36. From the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office: "The first suspect is a male, approximately 5-feet, 11-inches tall, dark skinned, and was wearing a dark colored hoodie. The second suspect is a male, approximately 6-feet tall, slender build, dark skinned, and had short hair."

  37. When every second counts, the police are just 10 minutes away.

    Your safety is YOUR responsibility. No one else’s.

  38. Sad. Remember, don't just run up to the intruders. Use the run, hide, fight mantra. Run and get away if you can, hide if you can't run, and fight only as a last resort.

  39. Buying more ammo just because.

  40. No compromise , not up for discussion . . . 2A NEVER been more relevant !!!

  41. Aw man c'mon now thats crazy

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