Friday , November 27 2020
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Aaron Boone on the Yankees' performance against the Houston Astros: "I’m proud” | FOX MLB

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone speaks 1-on-1 with Tom Verducci following a 6-4 defeat by the Houston Astros.

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Aaron Boone on the Yankees’ performance against the Houston Astros: “I’m proud” | FOX MLB

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  1. What are your thoughts on the Yankees' performance against the Astros?

  2. Altuve….🙁..any questions..?

  3. 😜..The Orioles lost 110 game's…they will be home watching the World series….but….🙁 will duh Yankee's….🤗..ain't baseball great ?

  4. Yankees had so much rest before the series after sweeping the Twins. Astros barely had any. Same situation moving to the World Series, with Nats getting lots of rest.

  5. Grateful for Verducci asking non-stupid questions…

  6. Tankees built to beat up on Baltimore Orioles, Parrot Man non existent in this series, Gleyber Day, nowhere man! Judge. MLB pitchers figured him out, hard breaking and sliders outside! All Rise!! LMAO!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Trade Stanton and Encarnacion ( you can almost throw Judge in there too) for some real starting pitchers. 1000 HRs mean nothing in the postseason.


  9. The Yankees have good players. The Astros are a TEAM. That's the difference.

  10. I just found out that AJ Hinch is Aaron Boone’s dad

  11. We just watch the world series Championship ..between two powerful teams…Congratulations on The Yankees fir a fight tell the death…💪✌🤘🙏..But my crush city boyz H-Town are headed to the world series…🇺🇸⚡⚡👊💪✌🤘🙏

  12. This one hurts so much especially after a two run by dj

  13. This Why Every Game Counts😈# Game 2😤

  14. Yankees in 5….oh wait. 😬

  15. Yankees are inferior team compare to Astros! It’s really that simple

  16. Don't believe anything he says about not being deterred going forward. This shyt Yankee team will win another 90 games next year and play like dogs again in the playoffs as they've done for a long time now. Only difference the Red Sox will likely come back strong next year and the Blue Jays will be much improved as well. So no guarantee to win the division again any time soon.

  17. Anyone saying to walk Altuve doesn't know baseball

  18. I’m proud that I am a yes man and that Houston is my daddy

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