Abbas Haider on founding America's first bullet resistant clothing line

Founder and CEO of Aspetto Abbas Haider breaks down Aspetto’s partnership with the Defense Department to provide tactical equipment to frontline soldiers on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. It is astonishing that folks are no longer safe in normal life out of uniform? Why is that? Who is a threat to veterans and law enforcement? Who?

  2. The fact that we need this type of clothing is a sign our society is at rock bottom.

  3. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠😎😎😎😎😎

  4. I can see places like ny buying these for crimies

  5. Here is the major benefit from issuing Bullet resistant gear, it's mental, it instills enough confidence for combatants to advance.

  6. Though you would have injuries from the force of the bullet, you wouldn't have surgeons cutting you up to find all of the bullet fragments and the ensuing infections and issues from what they didn't get.

  7. Well, I guess people will just have to aim for the head.

  8. As dembs try to outlaw cevlar Kevlar

  9. We didn't even have a parade in our home town. We've lost our country. What did I serve for? This is not what I served to defend. Why a criminals in Congress allowed to get away with their crimes?

  10. 20/20 hindsight R Rep Steve Scalis would be an endorser for this being a victim in a shootout, probably recommend US Congress employees to use as standard work uniform.

  11. Very normal country 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. This is great until criminals get their hands on the clothes.

  13. These the left will use as one more pice on the board to take away the 2.A.LOOK WE HAVE SUCH A GUN PROBLEM THAT THERE MAKING GARMENTS FOR REGULAR FOLK.

  14. I want this clothing FOR ME – if for real (?) – but, of course, selling to the govt is the blank ck ( of my money ) that pretty much eliminates me from getting any AND, from what will, more than likely be – used against me when the, govt induced, shtf occurs – at any rate, I guess you'll prosper tho wont you ?

  15. I'm wanna invest 10 million rite now.

  16. The truth is with this recent economy Everyone needs more than there salary to be financially stable. The the best thing to do with your money is to lnvest it rightly because money left for saving always end up used with no returns..

  17. You wouldn't wear a sweater in the Desert would you ?they Do. There Forced to.

  18. There stupid,No I mean really stupid, I see these people strip down every chance they get, to get out of there clothing , Everywhere. There Dieing where they Stand. Its Not the Heat. Its there Clothes
    And they don't stop Bullets, so
    WHY can't they have seasonal clothes.

  19. Seems like one of those ideas that at first looks good on paper so gets millions in government funding only for it to fail because of the glaringly obvious problems that the makers seem to willfully ignore and ultimately just becomes a failed waste of taxpayers funds. Perfect for the current administration!

  20. I am 72 and see now, that all people are messed up to a certain extent in life. Now they try to blame it all on the military if they served. Everyone I have known in life have their own problems and are not damaged by their military service. Once they get themselves into blaming it on the military, they find it hard to get out of that.

  21. Hey student uniforms that actually serve a purpose

  22. Baton Rouge and New Orleans man, you’d make a killing if you got out alive!

  23. That''s rich. Better body armor for who??? For every supposed upgrade in body armor there is a more piercing bullet. This is like when calvin klein thought he knew better about what the military should be wearing at work. Not everyone is in the office like in commiefornia or new york. 🤦

  24. Even if the clothes stop the bullet….the impact and force is still putting you down for the shooter to easily walk up and put one in your head….. basically save your money. Bullet resistant clothes are like water resistant boots… great as long as you resist getting them wet…..little tougher resisting getting shot

  25. Mr. trump, your time is over, please, it's time for you to go on vacation, you have disgraced the Republican Party, you have lowered it to the bottom, your candidates have lost, find something to do at mar a lago, make way for the young, help de Santis, he will pull the Republican Party from the abyss into which you plunged it.

  26. Citizens should have access to this too

  27. Don't believe the hype when they avoid the topic of how to deal with blunt force trauma from wearing bullet resistant clothing when shot.

  28. Body armor that inflates into a shell and helmet

  29. Good work.. Congrats to the Developer….

  30. That's great unless you get shot in the head

  31. 📞☎📞elections, the ☎💝📞☎📞💝police last of the👍📞international security, the police, the last of the elections, the election law

  32. That should come in handy in Chicago lol 😆