ABC News Live: 'Operation Fly Formula' hopes to ease US baby formula shortage

Plus, President Biden travels to South Korea to meet with President Yoon, and the Senate passes a new $40 billion aid package to help Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Suck a joke. Have you seen the pallets full of baby formula they sent to the border??? To give away to illegal aliens.’ While American mothers have no idea where they will get food for their babies?? But replacement theory is just a conspiracy theory isn’t it. Suckers

  2. Biden just secured the Democratic vote by providing the American public with desperately need baby formula. Wow is that the best he can do.

  3. Bill Gates plan is working he about to stock shelvesc with his baby formula these kids gone have more health problems watch

  4. Haven't you all noticed that..the so called Great Nation, Land of the Freedom..the this & that…that once was! It's not slowly but surely.. But drastically! turning into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY? AND ALL THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE GETTING RICH & RICHER!!!.. WITH THE USA SO CALLED OPERATION THIS AND THAT ACTS NAMES GIVEN AT ALL TIMES!?.. How embarrass it is that The USA does not have a plan B @ all times!And other countries around the World.. ALWAYS DO!? 🤔 ❓How embarrassing is that..The greatest 😳 of the Military Services must get involved to bring baby formula back to the USA!!? Its just so Ashamed…In all any & current war.. troubles, economy this and that..ALL foreign countries..always have a PLAN B!!! for survival… The USA does NOT!!!.. AND where is the current President of the United States right now while infants have not have their must! feeding milk formula!..and many Parents are driving desperately miles away seeking any formula!!!??..Thats no good at all. All l can say is…CAN ANYONE PLEASE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AND SOON!!!??.. PLEASE… 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

  5. Nice job Biden voters

  6. It’s ridiculous this happened in the first place. It’s outrageous it took someone calling Biden out with actual pictures of formula being stashed on the border for him to do something. Vote him and his cronies out.

  7. Guess who's going to pay for 54 billion for UKRAINE? you got it the taxpayer 😭😭 For six years the news media CBS, NBC, CNN, etc, and big tech push the false narrative about Russian collusion and the immigration cage, but now the truth came out and not one single channel comes forward, and apologizes to the country for all the lies the push.

  8. Does monkey pox scar like smallpox.

  9. If a woman is forced to have an unwanted pregnancy than the Father should have his penis cut off. Fair is fair.

  10. Let’s start cutting the penis off to prevent pregnancies.

  11. We will have children having babies!! Disgusting.

  12. I think President Biden knew we had to get out of Afghanistan fast because the intelligence showed Putin was going to start a War.

  13. I hope this War is over before President Biden leaves office. You can’t depend on Republicans to keep the weapons going.

  14. House GOP leaders were among the 192 Republicans who voted against providing $28 million in aid to the Food and Drug Administration to address the shortage of baby formula — within days of criticizing President Biden for not doing enough on the issue. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Whip Steve Scalise (La.) and Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) voted late Wednesday against the measure to provide new FDA funding, which the House approved on a largely party-line vote of 231 to 192.

  15. We have plenty of formula..but someone has been a naughty old man and sending it elsewhere..where Kamala has yet to visit…oh you want proof do you?

  16. I know someone that owns their own business and they have a lot of baby formula and diapers and on. But I want say nothing cause it's not my job to help these women with all these kids long as I take care of my 2 daughters and help friends that I know out I'm good, 🤔 well we are good. Well I ask my friend and he said he have a enough in his shop to help a little over 1 million people but I want let him.

  17. America is so third world. Hey, that's the downside of capitalism. You're at the mercy of the private companies' supply chains and production.

  18. Biden is the laughing stock of the world

  19. Hopefully Brandon will pick up some formula on his way back. Save our troops a trip. Lets Go Brandon

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  25. Most Republicans voted against funding for the baby shortage help. Republicans voted against cracking down on price gouging at gas stations. Republicans voted against capping insulin prices. Vote Blue to help the American people. The Biden Administration has created more jobs than any other Administration in history. Vote Blue!!!

  26. I miss Trump so bad

  27. Mothers stay at home and breast feed your babies please.

  28. Why didn't they take action on formula months ago? They've known about this supply chain issue since February enough to stockpile for migrant detention centers yet only now do they care about American babies.