ABC News Live: Trump files motion to bar review of materials seized from Mar-a-Lago

Plus, Ukrainian officials warn of attacks ahead of Independence Day, and Pfizer requests emergency authorization of a new COVID-19 booster.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. someone is going to prison, and his name is Trump — DON'T steal classified documents you will not go to prison if you did not do the crime

  2. They really need to look into inflation. I truly believe it was political to make Biden look bad. They would make the country suffer, just to get Biden out of office. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  3. Where are the charges for Trump and his cult!! This is enough of this bs!! Lock them all up in an asylum or with their friends from the January 6th riot. Enough is Enough of this crap.

  4. Fox News is going down for all their lies to the American people!

  5. Trump is a criminal he gets no say so
    In what the DOJ does.

  6. trump unfortunately has vast wealth & uses it to maintain the ‘appearance of innocence’. We can only wish that justice is served & that eventually, trump will be in prison. Rupert Murdoch would be a fitting cell mate 🙏…

  7. USA 🇺🇸 send seven billion dollars to Ukraine 🇺🇦 to date 08/25/2022 and one trillion plus to date 08/25/2022 to Israel 🇮🇱,
    plus Subsidies to farmers big tax cut to big cooperation then you telling the students/people of USA 🇺🇸, US citizen they don’t deserve student relief and students Paye full tax?

    Evil Devils Republicans have problem with everything that is good, anyone else in the Democratic Party Will like to join Devil Republicans. Is This the American 🇺🇸 Dream?

    The term "person of color" (PL: people of color or persons of color; abbreviated POC) is primarily used to describe any person who is not considered "white".

    The American dreams is meant for Color because the can dream how much they like, and that about it. But on the other hand the white stolen it all around the world and they don’t have to dream (STOLEN)!

  8. Incoherent Biden has got to go. He has crippled our country, destroyed our job/economy, allowed rioters to burn down half the country and constantly tells everyone that they are all racists. Let's go Brandon

  9. Typical Communist Democrat playbook. This corrupt administration has weaponized the Justice Department to steal power. They must assume their base is stupid otherwise who would vote to get audited more , let an unlimited amount of illegals in, create crazy inflation, massive crime explosion and record high energy prices due to the fake climate power grab.
    It's truly mind boggling that any American would destroy the country for personal wealth and to make Soros happy.
    Especially someone who has lived off government for their whole career.
    Let's go Brandon!!!

  10. Does bile run thru his veins or hate- filled venom?

  11. First of all. A man’s prior criminal record has absolutely NOTHING to do with 3 officers beating the crap out of him. Why bring it up? So what if he slammed a cop. At this point of the video he’s under control of the 3 cops. We can see it with our own eyes. Meanwhile he is being knee’d, punched in the head. All sorts of vicious attacks are being made upon that made by THREE cops with tasers and GUNS. How about you report the facts and only the facts.

  12. I can't believe that no one see's that Trump is trying to run out the "clock" in trying to avoid accountability. He's going to announce that he's running again, an all actions are politically motivated – so he can trigger his MAGAverse idiots, then claim He's the only one who can "Save America".

  13. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!
    The punishment for the crime of treason against The United States of America, is DEATH!! #treason #trump etc…

  14. Trump is more than an obstructionist, he's a TRAITOR!

  15. this just in…my balls have been shaven and are ready for a good ol ball licking

  16. I just sprinkled ass crack dandruff on my wife's butter toast

  17. He did it at Warp Speed🤣

  18. Trump sure is eager to add more people to the mix just like he made a mini Pentagon in his southern whitehouse basement.

  19. The classified documents are the documents pertaining to crossfire hurricane investigation , the FBI hit job designed to frame the president all of which The President declassified every part of that criminal investigation. These are the documents the FBI stole from the president with the sole intent to capture and seize the incriminating evidence in The presidents possession and destroy it. Now they are saying only that the documents were highly classified but not what the documents were and that they are investigating whether or not these documents were shared, transferred or simply did others have or authorized access to them violating the law. Well they want to know what Trump planned to do with them . They are asking for more video surveillance to be sure they have everything and nothing else got out. But these assholes think Trump will never again be president.

  20. So either half the country, the government, shadow governments, the deep state, the entire democratic party, some of the Republican party, several government institutions, foreign entities, several people from his administration, several people he personally appointed and the media are all lying or one man is.
    If I was a betting man…

  21. In plain English Trump's claims are all Bs fact watch !!!!!!

  22. this is over for trump he must pay the price for this killing all over the world and missing all over the world and corruption all over the world and sex trafficking all over the world and drug trafficking all over the world and human trafficking all over the world and terrorism all over the world and also this dealing about nuclear,missile,all this weapons all over the world including Elon Musk and all this CEO and also this fake Queens and fake kings and fake Prince and Princess and this all Scientists all over the world and also this rich or richest people's all over the world and also this all politicians and militaries and police and all this actors and actresses.