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ABC News Live Update: Congress nearing deal on COVID-19 relief

Plus, the FDA advisory panel is set to vote on authorizing Moderna’s vaccine as soon as tomorrow, and millions brace for the Nor’easter that threatens to delay vaccine and holiday deliveries.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This is going on too long I'm so tired of hearing about how close they are but then talks Fall Apart and the American people continue to suffer this help is desperately needed but apparently they're not hurting so there's no real urgency this is a sin and a shame the need is great!

    Democrats Shut Down Economy But Allow Orgies & Gay Bath Houses

  3. First Principal : Safety Done ✅
    2nd Principal is (missed) Freeze BANKS from #essentialbilling (#mortgages, Car loans, Credit Card, College) with no arrears. #Biz, #Households,#College, All #Taxpayers are at no Fault of their own, since March to Dec is 10 month now, regardless of help. Under Gov PAN Shutdown. Bottom falling out becaz 2nd Principal was not in action. People are First not the banks. Banks will get bad paper anyway while people are at risk of loss. All Gov need to address ASAP not burden the people with loss , bad credit & more (Bks ,loans)of their pockets, Bad spending behaviors via GOV. So disappointing EDD 5 Billion fraud, while people desperately are in need. This is like the Titanic Sinking, so beautifully built. #leases, #Restaurantowners #businessowners #landlords #veterans #potus #senate
    #foreclosures #carrepossession #evictions #college #secondstimulusbill

  4. .. ……..End  COVID-19 … Now.  Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.   https://www.exstnc.com

  5. Dog face pony liars. Democrat house majority needs to pick its poison. Votes against congress debate on election fraud spells death nail to their party. Sedition publicly exposed by debate will not stand. We hold the line!

  6. Walmart is going self driving cars ????????? What the then who's gonna drop the package off at the door ?????? Or is there gonna be a dumbass idiot sitting in back of the truck getting drove around by a self driving car waiting like a dumbass for the van to stop at the next stop hopefully the car will leave his ass when he gets off lol

  7. No it's not. Same thing they say for 5months…but they'll pass something so they can get their 1000 of dollar pay check

  8. MSM is entertainment not news. 7 State Legislatures Must Now Choose Which Set Of Electors To Send To Washington D.C. On January 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=68&fbclid=IwAR3re9amQRbZPtyHuptdr3_tClHsGD9kmDCImsraEQ9ZNfpK3Vp4dSG2-UI&v=Bz6GPuJ9iqM&feature=youtu.be

  9. Mitch has to stop blocking everything and working for only the corporations and not the people. If you live in or know anyone in Georgia please vote for Ossoff and Warnock so we can get stimulus and help through.

  10. It’s time to band together, and raid rich neighborhoods for whatever we need.

  11. What's your hurry we would hate to see the government work before Christmas or go broke just because we have to live

  12. The government does not care about us
    $600 stimulus check is a mockery!

  13. Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, to better understand the Truth about AIDS, Cancers, COVID-19 & other Diseases. On Archive dot org, search, umojaresearch, for Suppressed Health Cures. Read, W.H.O. Murdered Africa, by Dr William Campbell Douglass.

  14. If there's no Stimulus then there's no Pandemic. Its a hoax right?

  15. Really getting omnibus and relief was all planned 4 months ago . Yes

  16. All these ppl out of work. However, more packages are being shipped out this year. Suspect!

  17. I don't think that ABC will survive 2021. Networks such as ABC will meet their demise

  18. Punish every politician now. What the Hell is $600 dollars going to do.

  19. I’m in Canada’s largest city and we still have no snow! Funny that Americans think all their snow comes from Canada!

  20. He’s playing nice because of the runoff’s

  21. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up to the Government! they are clearly showing no concern or care for the American people during this pandemic…🤬

  22. Moscow Mitch stop suffocating the poor! What more tax cuts for the rich?

  23. 600.thats a slap in the face.not enough for people to even pay one month rent

  24. Like they are doing something big we five had no help for months and they are arguing over if you get. A bone then Democrats throw a extortion bill to get Drugs this is a game then they pay themselves on the back and Democrats run to the senate and cry 😢 because the money 💰 will go back to the fed

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