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ABC News Prime: 10/25/2021


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  1. Joe Biden’s ongoing epic failures confirm everything that I put forth
    in my new video entitled ‘COME ON MAN!…THE BALLAD OF SLEEPY JOE”.

  2. It took 30,000 years, for the white race to build western democracy. But only 30 years, of progressive middle aged white women, to completely screw it big time. Just look at these 5 examples. Coca Cola, Facebook, Democrat party, CNN, and the BBC.

  3. 315 people died from shootings last week. So roughly 15,000 people yearly…

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  5. The mainstream media covering for dementia Joe is sickening, and is just a propaganda tool for the Dem party. One word " karma "

  6. Pump Bill Gates sterilized juices in your kids..IDIOTS

  7. Too many commercials promoting this news channel.

  8. ABC News = maybe 50% of the truth.

  9. Home and business insurance going to go up again!
    More businesses will be closed due to flooding.
    Ruined crops will raise food prices.
    Incomes not going up.
    Scary days ahead…

  10. There will be loads of shootings probably fake anything to get rid of the guns. Thankfully the Americans are keeping their guns.

  11. You want to help americans? Lower the gas price two and a half dollars back to where it was 6 months ago per gallon it's two and a half dollars more per gallon now

  12. Because of course, something you'll get you always get to tell you what to do with your kids by getting them vaccinated or not really that 7 year old as a degree in medicine and microscopic biology and neurology

  13. Fantastic 🤘 news📰📰📰

  14. Despite the economic crisis! This is still a good time to invest in stock and Crypto..

  15. While filming in an office in NY, A woman came in, and while she was working, The rich man said: This woman works hard and Pays more in Taxes than I do. Do you think that is fair? He said? ) He Pays 7.85% every US dollar He earns & she pays 27% of $1. But: Top Rich 3%) Pay 27% In total US Taxes.

  16. So no mention of Fauci the puppy killer on MSM

  17. Right-wingers: "351 deadly shootings in one week—all performed by Alec Baldwin!" Gimme a break! You guys can't control your guns because people like Kyle Rittenhouse and hatemongers like Bannon and Trump remain unjailed.

  18. Also, ask that farmer if his congressman is willing to vote for the infrastructure bill because I know his two senators won't vote for it because 'it costs too much'.

  19. Someone needs to ask that farmer if he's willing to have his taxes raised to pay for the bridge to be repaired.

  20. This guy mullclf just did the free mason sign they are all in it together

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