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ABC News Prime: 8 dead in IN shooting; Adam Toledo shooting outrage; US COVID-19 vaccines reach 200M

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  1. Prayers for everyone.. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Is Biden going to take his Secret Service's details guns away from them?

  3. Economical recovery directly proportional to the Stimulus checks….?! Well how about that….

  4. Have you notice that Biden don't talk in public that much?

  5. Sikh news is reporting that the shooter is detained in a mental facility. And that it was a hate crime against Sikhs.

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  7. Well that's what you get for voting a mad man bosinero

  8. So it looks like the two walked down the street shot at someone ran away but was seen and chased by the police and he threw a pistol and tried to surrender but was murdered by the police! We need the new law the woman just got passed in her city that protect the people when an ocifer uses deadly force the Cariol’s law. Every city needs to gain this law in their city!

  9. It makes me think they knew they meaning law enforcement.! They knew he was going to do exactly what he did!

  10. Pay attention to these people when his mama called they should have been watching him!

  11. Well, Brasil 🇧🇷 =Brazil don’t believe the Covid-19. Brazilian people not want to be vaccines they only believe that the on Ebola .

  12. I can predict that there will be another mass shooting soon ! That should not be so easy to predict and know that it will happen for sure ! Something is seriously wrong . Saying it is the human responsible not the gun is only in part true because if that were a solid fact then why is America such an out of step problem for America only ? Unless those who say it is the person not the gun is saying something like there are more crazy people in America than anywhere else .

  13. Who is responsible for giving the kid a weapon???

  14. Meanwhile we have an actual humanitarian crisis in our own country at the border that ABC is ignoring…


  16. Sad and tragic. Mass shootings are way up in 2021. Ever notice when Democrats write a gun bill that mass shootings happen? Mental illness seems to be rampant in 2021.
    Like Cory Booker wrote the Lynching Bill and what happened? Jessie Smollette faked a lynching. Then the noose at NASCAR.
    Take it however you wish; but, like there Capitol Riot was staged. Officer who shot Abbott resigned and not charged. The rioters arrived in a police escort in white short buses per citizen video. They started intermixing with Trump Supporters. They went up to Capitol Police trying to pick a fight, but, they escorted them in. Trump Supporters put themselves between rioters and police to protect the police. Now Trump Suppirters are domestic terrorist? Even the Chief of Police resigned. It was a set up to Impeach. Then they go to court using Nancy's Wrap Up Smear.

  17. The Fed Ex situation is horrible. If only there was a law for them to use before someone commits a violent crime.

  18. America… You are a seriously messed up culture. The World now just role our eyes at you.

  19. The British reporters last name is Longman, yet she keeps calling him Longwood.
    He's handsome, I might have made the same mistake.

  20. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    Extremism in the US police may be why US troops are still training to be Nazis in Germany 76 years after WWII.

    You can't blame China, Russia or Iran for this. 139 mass shootings in 105 days. Mistaking a taser for gun?

    Looting and burning isn't BLM or Antifa. It is thieving Americans from both the left and the right. When was America great?

  21. Covid deaths US 579,942 Brazil 369,024 New Zealand 26

    If Brazil has a record-breaking death toll, then the US have a world-breaking death toll?

  22. It will take nearly 200 years when guns will be ban and permanently gone. But he must start now 🤔

  23. I genuinely don't understand how America can have mass shooting in a middle of a pandemic. Literally hard to gather in crowds. It's like the gunman are going out of their way to plan these things and shifting their plans for a pandemic. So instead of schools now they go for marts or FedEx offices, essential places. It's so fucked up.

  24. So sad RIP who lost their lives at their job what a shame && RIP to the 13 year old I personally think he had a gun in that shot but in the end his hands were raised he should’ve tased him if anything

  25. On the bright side, getting shot dead in IN is better than being a poor person, forced to live out their entire life in Brazil..

  26. Banning cellphones keeps people from communicating to the police in an emergency. At least you could allow employees to carry a phone w/o data access such as a flip phone.

  27. cops very wrong thank god blm changing everything

  28. … "police still don't have the motive.." … in America one does not need a motive…just a gun… a moronic unhinged bunch of idiots…

  29. They don't care about their employee safety. If they did, phones would be allowed on the floor…. SINCE THIS IS THE SECOND SHOOTING AT A FED EX…..

  30. Don’t trust what you hear on ABC… they are a bias communist news network..boycott ABC

  31. 2nd amendment in jeopardy !

  32. Why do so many of these shooters look like skinheads?

  33. Look, In the Sino-British joint statement in Hong Kong, the CCP said that it was an outdated contract that wastes paper. Hong Kong has become an ordinary city in China, so Hong Kong dollar foreign exchange has also been completely controlled. The Sino-US Joint Communiqué must also become waste paper. If the United States does not wake up and thinks about interests, it will cause the entire United States to collapse because of interests. See what happened to Jack Ma? Can American businessmen escape? Can the American media businessmen who make money with the CCP finally escape?

  34. Another White Supremacist!!!!! SMDH!!!!!!! RIP to those who died @Fed X🙏

  35. Look on duckduckgo or bing military tribunals executions

  36. Hope they get sorted with the JAnd J vaccine as many people continue to wait for the single shot!

  37. Why can’t we realize that something is wrong? A mom knows her son is messed up and no one cares, so many other people out there being raised in a society that cares only for profit and living in a society that does not realize that the people are our most precious resource !!!!



  39. Based on what I saw from the video, the first round of gun fired were from these two youngsters …. In all fairness, a 13 years old hang out with a 21 years old @ 2:30AM, you young boy, is asking for trouble!

    How would you react when you chasing a suspect carried a weapon, in the dark? It is easy to said now that we all saw the video. Put yourself in the shoes of the law enforcement, then you would see the other side. In this case, I am with the officer. Just my thoughts!

  40. This is on Biden's watch. What does the brain dead fool say about it? Oh wait… where is his telepeompter?

  41. How many here reached unemployment “BYE” date as many this last couple of weeks reached the annual / auto cut and need to reapply for unemployment? If no claims were filed as fast as they normally do then these numbers don’t indicate that the unemployment problem is resolving.

  42. 4 years of president trump about 35 mass shooting according to https://time.com/4965022/deadliest-mass-shooting-us-history/ 4 months of president biden already at 20 4 more years people

  43. The stock market could care less about the poor or the middle class which have been hurt the most by covid. The rich get richer, of course.

  44. Looks like more than one person to blame ? Why was he out at that time shooting guns

  45. Looks like more than one person to blame ? Why was he out at that time shooting guns

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