ABC News Prime: Buffalo suspect in court; FDA comm. on formula shortage; OK abortion bill passes

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  1. Sam you broke my ģlassass

  2. when will you talk about 2000MULES ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Abortion law ,what’s happening America going backwards instead of looking to the future !Men Making decisions for women again , going back to slavery thinking they are better than women WHAT A FIASCO 🇬🇧

  4. Where are the parents of this POS? Do they have other children?

  5. Arrowroot, blended oats, rice porridge blended, blended plantain porridge, this is how Carribbean mother's feed their young babies. Good going

  6. Shm bad boy him SToot black women's, man's Buffalo ❤🔃

  7. Congrats Muni Long….I hope it is suuuuuuper long for you queen you deserve it.

  8. He is mentally challenged according to source

  9. Y'all are liar's tell the truth your just trying to scare parents

  10. How can he claim not guilty? It’s on film!

  11. I believe it was racially motivated but I dont think he particularly only targeted blacks because the first woman we shot was white. And he shot a white man before the last gut he said im sorry 2. Ive seen the video. He may have targeted blacks but he shot blacks and whites alike

  12. The right wing is cowards but it's the government's of different counties that plays in their hands if you look at European union most countries the right wing is coming forward because the government is giving in to their demands in USA.

  13. Stop niji hate the ab Original people of the Planet Earth

  14. Interested how regs apply to some and not others. That junior officer is being recorded on national tv with her ponytail swinging in the air outside of regulations while enlisted would be reported for a single hairstrand past the collar (for some). Or have the regs changed? 😒

  15. Let me guess, SELF DEFENSE! Poor guy, just another Kyle Rotttenhouse.

  16. Wonder how that little punk feels today and can't get on his games and videos..

  17. Oh so he finally made it. I thought they were still at McDonalds

  18. These racist things are all brought on by society sadly

  19. Why on earth waste your life like that. So young for jail life

  20. That black male supremacist who shot up that NY subway and killed white people was never covered by the media like this white supremacist.. this is why these attacks occur. When a Muslim blows up a plane they never say a Muslim did this they respect Islam but yet not all white people are supremacists but the media disrespects white people and categorises them and this is exactly why these hate crimes occur. The media is fuelling them


  22. Wow I'm Glad I'm Blocked because you Humans are Ignorant

  23. Sent him to prison for life with with very hard labor in general population with no protection from the guards

  24. Even Albert Einstein said to Beware or at least take notice to those who Claim To See.

  25. Always Beware of Those who respond to you with Two Words. "I SEE"

  26. What about 2000 mules? The thousands of homeless and sick veterans as they ship billions of to a country not even an ally.

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  29. OMG 😳😂😂😳 to work tomorrow morning 🌞 Hernandez call you in a bit I think I can go to work tomorrow morning San Diego county medical center jobs you can get with you no matter what you do for fun or to do

  30. 1 count of murder? Wtf!!! He should have 10 counts of premeditated murder

  31. any chance we'll get some news on the blk racist that plotted and ultimately carried out the killing of asians down in dallas? or how about some news on why blk ppl are constantly killing asians in ny? racism much? they are patterns not one off nutters…asking for a friend.

  32. Yes he is guilty, but let's dig a little deeper and hold those who are spreading this fascists, white supremacist b.s. responsible, starting at the top with donald trump and his sickos in Gongress. Also little tucker carlson and anyone else openly spreading white replacement theory that used to stay hidden under bed sheets.