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ABC News Prime: Delta variant fueling surge in cases; Curbing gun violence; Car prices soaring


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  1. That fire is looking sus

  2. Thank your local Democrat. During the elections democrats sent a message and it was this burn down buildings, assault people and kill each other we dont care. That message was heard load and clear by criminals. Oh and the virus is also there fault.

  3. Don’t wear mask if u voted for trump. Don’t listen to those people

  4. Covid 21 never be fatal for you if you follow some natural tips for some days if you get affected with it. (eat only all types of non- vegetarian grilled foods with half of a Lemon per day and pure animal milk without sugar) with this diet you can achieve zero inflammation.,,,

  5. Fauci pillow, what a putz

  6. If cases are so high. Lol why is the potus in the area

  7. Watch Fox News they have live cameras at the border talking to border agents

  8. You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💝

  9. You meant “ NEW “ Corona virus ? Right ?

  10. Dans quelques mois, les malades des essais de vaccination Covid et les non vaccinés malades de tout, faute d’avoir été soignés pour toutes les pathologies habituelles, satureront les hôpitaux désertés par les soignants. Les politicards d’aujourd’hui seront alors en fuite. La France d’après Veil, Barzach, Touraine, Buzyn et Véran manque de médecins généralistes, de dentistes, de gynécologues, d’ophtalmologistes, d’urgentistes, de soignants…. mais se permet d’accueillir généreusement toute l’immigration opportuniste!

  11. Why did Dementia Joe and Clueless Kamala insist they would not trust "President Trump's vaccine" before the election?

  12. Geert Vanden Bossche – world renowned vaccine researcher from Gates Foundation, GAVI say's the vaccine is causing mutations in the virus faster than vaccines and people's immune systems can keep up. He predicts a "super virus" caused by the mass vaccinations that can not be treated by immunity or vaccines.

  13. 17,503 rip 1.7 million injuries (50% Serious) as of 19th June: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

  14. Is it still Racist to say COVID-19 came from China? Has the media flipped flopped on this yet or is my account still at risk of being banned?

  15. clickbait . dont watch this channel. every one ignore abc. fear porn.

  16. "Ecology is a resource, wealth and treasure." -Xi Jinping.

    "Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future." – D. Attenborough.

    Lu'sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can be seen from space. A US gender reveal party fire was seen from space.

    Start all Forest fire options from goats clearing brush to dobbing in Fire Karens.

  17. US Covid deaths 626,172 New Zealand 26. US has 24,083 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.

    11 months since New Zealand's last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.

    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management..

  18. what "spike"? 7 day average of positive tests is 0.14 per 100k population. This is slightly over half of what they were at the beginning of February and beginning of April. The mortality rate is 10% of that at the beginning of February and 1/3 of the beginning of April.

    For a virus that is characterized as "one of the most infectious respiratory diseases known", by the CDC director, the data does not seem to confirm this statement either here or in any other location.

  19. Don’t blame India for spreading this strain. India should cut their flights with such country who is always blaming India for any spread happening in Australia.

  20. Shut your big propaganda mouth ABC

  21. CEASE & DESIST Nuremberg Trials 2.0 have begun. Everyone PROMOTING, mandating, administering, delivering… this US Military's bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  22. Americans can’t go to Canada or Mexico,BUT the whole world is ALLOWED to enter our boarders.

  23. Jesus loves you and cares about you so much He know all your problems and wants to help you all,So accept him as your lord and savior

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  24. truth IS comIng and you can't Stop It. god bleSS amerIca 🇺🇸❤🤍💙. ✌ |

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