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ABC News Prime: Presidential transition begins; third vaccine breakthrough; Thanksgiving concerns

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  1. Trump wears Depends adult diapers.

  2. Is the mainstream press going to continue to ignore what is going on in the state senate hearings? You won’t acknowledge citizen after citizen coming forward to give their accounts of massive fraud in the election? How long can you continue to lie to us. You have no credibility. We can’t trust anything that we see from you. Push the narrative and stop investigative journalism. It’s incredible. I just can’t believe what is going on in the US. The world is laughing at us.

  3. NO EVIDENT?? Vote fraud got caught on camera at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA:

  4. Instead of rejoicing the covid vaccine. So that America and the world can move on. The media and the Democrats condemn it. Just because they don't want President Trump to be attached to the vaccine. Absolutely disgusting. This is a triumph for America and the world. No matter what they say, and and what they do. The President did this. He removed red tape to speed the vaccine along safely. He pushed the pharmacy companies to move quickly and safely. Even though he has been tough on them to lower drug prices for Americans. His administration got the job done! Even those who hate the president know this to be true.

  5. Truth justice and the American way is on its way back coming through Trump 2020 thank you Mr ☺️🇺🇲🇺🇸☺️👍 President Donald j Trump for leading our country to greatness!!!

  6. Can you guys report news not propaganda or click bits! Here is the example. Let USA PEOPLE speak not media.

  7. America is so corrupt that everyone accepts it as normal. The media, justice system, CIA, FBI, NSA and all the rest are all massively corrupt. China will rule America by proxy since they have biden and his mate by their balls. No more baseball or American football. Get used to speaking Mandarin and soy sauce, it's only a matter of time before the Chinese take over

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  9. Anything on Bidens election fraud and China fraudulent business dealings?????????.

    Where is the broadscale voter fraud report? Pennsylvania had a hearing, multi-partisan on this issue. You amd the rest of mockingbird media failed to show this

  11. "Turkey Trump should pardon himself." a2zgoblog

  12. Trumpet has won his landslide Victory than even Mugabe won on steroids.

  13. President Trump won't concede because it's FRAUD
    No war in 4 years
    No missile test from N Korea
    Peace in the middle east
    Gasoline only like $2 a gallon
    DOW reach 30,000 points
    COVID vaccines are available

  14. Watching folks in the Blue States bend over and take tyranny and madness. I'm glad I live in the Free State of Florida. %100 open for business. Masks are optional. No BLM and ANTIFA scum burning and looting. Republicans in charge. See how that works?😉

  15. Well , President Trump did a lot for the Christians, more than any President in over 50 years. And will always be grateful for that. And will always be a Trump Supporter.
    He has done a lot for everybody. I don't think he left anyone out except for the Far Left Wing Socialist Liberal Progressive Democrats and the Radical Islam terrorist.
    Some people misunderstood him and thought he hated all Democrats and that was never the case. Just did not agree with the ones that were on the Far Left. Joe Biden was never on the Far Left. Now Bernie Sanders was on the Far Left. Also Bernie was a Socialist and Trump said We as Americans will never be a Socialist Country. Thank God Bernie did not win. I would rather have Biden than Bernie.
    And for the 2nd Point. Trump never hated the Islam people. He only didn't like the Radical Islam terrorist.
    He said We needed the peaceful Islam people to help us get the Radical Islam terrorist. He hired alot of the peaceful Islam people because they spoke the language and knew the culture, etc,etc to help us get the Bad guys.
    Some people had selective hearing problems and only heard what they wanted to hear.
    Some people would twist his words. And take certain words out of content.
    We as Americans should thank him
    For giving us 4 years of his Life for this country. He didn't do it for the money. In fact he donated his paychecks to Charity.
    Now he can go retire in Florida. And go play golf.
    Biden is hiring alot of the same people that the Obama administration had.

  16. Gotta get that golf in because the country club prison golf course is not that great.

  17. tRump does not deserve any protection from the moment he steps off WH Property…

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