ABC World News Tonight Full Broadcast – Feb. 4, 2024

Rob Marciano reports on a “life-threatening” storm crushing the state of California with 40 million potentially impacted by heavy rains and damaging winds, Jaclyn Lee, Zohreen Shah, and Ginger Zee are across the state to bring you the latest; James Longman reports from Israel as the U.S. prepares for more retaliatory strikes against Iranian-backed militants following dozens of strikes against rebels across Iraq and Syria; Faith Abubey has new details on Texas Governor Greg Abbott hosting 15 Republican Governors in Texas demanding action on the border, as the Senate unveils a new bill intended to address border security; and more on tonight’s episode of World News Tonight.

00:00 Intro
02:15 40 million Californians are bracing for a “life-threatening” storm
05:24 Evacuation orders are given after the threat of mudslides in Los Angeles County
07:28 U.S. officials are preparing for new action against Iranian-back militia groups
09:57 More than a dozen GOP governors visit the border in Texas, demanding action
12:16 Thousands of homes are destroyed in Chile after devastating wildfires
13:39 President Biden celebrates a win in the South Carolina democratic primary
15:11 Deadly carjacking spree grips the nation’s capital
17:30 Police in Los Angeles make an arrest after a brazen dog-napping incident
17:59 Boos overseas after World Cup-winner Lionel Messi sits on the bench in an exhibition match
18:18 The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral sets date for re-opening
18:41 A determined Michigan teen raises life-saving funds for needed equipment

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