ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Full Broadcast – Feb. 5, 2024

Maggie Rulli has details on King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis — less than 18 months into his reign — announced by Buckingham Palace; Rob Marciano has the latest on the avalanche reported at Lee Canyon Ski resort in Nevada, and Ginger Zee tracks the historic storm system that’s hammering the West; Rachel Scott reports on the growing GOP opposition to the bipartisan border bill; and more on tonight’s broadcast of World News Tonight with David Muir.

00:00 Intro
05:34 King Charles III diagnosed with a form of cancer
10:06 Avalanche reported at Nevada ski resort as historic storm slams the West
12:56 GOP opposition grows for bipartisan border bill
13:50 U.S. vows more retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed militants
15:28 Jury deliberations underway in Jennifer Crumbley case
16:00 Supplier raises concerns about some Boeing 737-Max aircrafts
16:54 Retired 9/11 firefighter Bob Beckwith, who posed at Ground Zero with President Bush, dies
19:45 History made at the 66th annual Grammy Awards

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  3. CHARLES : KARMA! KARMA ! CAMILLA 's on the way !!!

  4. Do you think karma is catching up with King Charles for the shameful way he treated Princess Diana while a young bride ? PAUL

  5. Just sad I am sorry to hear this

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  7. Couldn't it be, by keeping those documents well stored and reluctant to offer them over, is because he proved not long after elected [legitimately],
    his own FBI was trying to conspire to cut his throat?
    That was day one or so into his presidency.
    So, seeing the following years of his presidency, having to dodge mud balls practically every day.
    This would make any man lose his confidence in his country, and especially, his main opponent, being approximately 95% of the overwhelming bigoted Democrat Party.
    I wonder now what Trump, in reality, thought of the laws of this nation called, America?

    Step into his shoes for one day and see how you would have felt.

  8. The Reps want to keep the chaos coming its good for 45.

  9. Praying for all the people in the US especially in CA, JESUS will give HIS Divine Protection to all US residents, in JESUS name Amen!

  10. I think it's more serious than people think!! He only have 6 months to live!! The public will be notified in the next couple of weeks. I can't tell how I found out that information, but it's 💯 % correct .


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  21. Don’t need a bill. Just enforce the laws that’s already in place

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  23. God bless you Bob Beckwith!!❤❤❤❤

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  25. I like all of ABC Evening News anchors.

  26. Great job on the news / you rock✌️

  27. Everyone stay safe. Thanks to you all for bringing the news. Bless everyone.

  28. Billions are going to be spent for what again. Here in the USA we can get or homeless off the street or elderly back on the right with good facilities.
    I'm not understanding neither party. What is truly going on. Thats 200 billion dollars and we continue watch the weather will be effecting a lot families in the coming day. Wow.

  29. Bob Beckwith, rest in peace. I'm grateful for your assistance.