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Accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein dies

The disgraced financier died by an apparent suicide in his jail cell as he was awaiting trial in New York City.

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  1. the lead detective on the case was also killed, highly decorated cop named Reiter, aged 50, who was in excellent health…except for that he knew all the names also, and so now he's dead after a "brief illness"…his partner, Recarey, is in danger now too, of course…

  2. 1 Jew down, 2,500,000 more to go.

  3. All those victims and no justice yet except a judge should rule for compensation.

  4. And I read the cameras were't working.The man tried before and next time dead!
    How would they have nothing to do with it except to protect themselves?

  5. So what did we learn from this kids – USA doesn't have a free press, no media outlet is allowed to challenge official narratives or ask questions.

  6. Like Acosta said he was an "intelligence asset" (CIA and Mossad) and blackmailer. Whitney Webb did great research!:

  7. I am looking at the Movie "Shooter" with M.Wallberg. The Scène with the policeman, that wanted to kill him, because of his knowlegde and experience to make hij the suspect. Its always the same Story Line in a Movie Scène, Kill Those Who Know.
    Same in this EPSTEIN Movie.
    Shame The Rabbit did not go this Far as in 9/11

    America is a Joke

  8. killed him and killed the evidence of mr presidents …

  9. hmmm….😦😦😧😧😧😨😨😨😨😨

  10. If you guys are ready tank he killed himself there’s a bridge I need to sell you

  11. Maybe someone is somewhere enjoying his or her life, and laughing 😂

  12. But HOW did he die??? What was the cause of death? Every news outlet just say “it was suicide”… Was he hanged? This just doesn’t make sense and now the jail guards are having to take the fall for it. Maybe they were involved, but his murder was carried out by someone who had access & money. This is the biggest WTF happened conspiracy… and we will never know what truly happened. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. I want to know why Ghislaine Maxwell the madam has not been brought up on charges she has been named bye many poor woman that was abused and raped!

  14. If there’s one thing the left and the right can agree on, is that Epstein’s suicide is complete bullshit.

  15. Suicide…. lol don't make me laugh. From the Vatican and royalty on down they all wanted him 'out of the game'.
    So the real question now is who gets all his assets??? Watch this space. Note also prosecutors still have all the evidence and should still act on it. He was really of no importance.
    And the scumbags in charge of that corrupt shit hole prison and allowed this hit to happen should all be held responsible.

  16. America no longer has any honor or integrity

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