Wednesday , December 2 2020
Home / News / Acting DHS Chief Walks Offstage After Protesters Interrupt Immigration Speech | NBC News

Acting DHS Chief Walks Offstage After Protesters Interrupt Immigration Speech | NBC News

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan makes several attempts to resume his speech on immigration law and policy, but is continually interrupted by protesters shouting, “Immigrants are under attack. Stand up fight back!”
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Acting DHS Chief Walks Offstage After Protesters Interrupt Immigration Speech | NBC News


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  1. I feel their pain and have a lot of issues with this person's decision making under this administration. But, if rather engage with questions and comments than to shut down conversation. I'm not trump and I see no utility in acting like him.

  2. The irresponsible few, made it a waste of time for almost everyone.

    The host and moderators facilitated the disorder by not removing the disturbance.

    My guess is if they did remove those who Disturbed the event you'd only have about 50% of the audience left.

  3. This the way leftists take over democratic countries so they can become authoritarian communist nations.

  4. The man needs to get a chance to speak. Democrats are very stupid with their behaviour that is why trump is going to win again in 2020 and the left knows it too that is why they are so angry at everything and anything they try to do to against trump they never succeed. Why fight for immigrants who only causes nothing but destruction in one's country and not your own american people who worked hard to build the nation. Oh and btw I speak from firsthand experience because I'm from Trindiad(caribbean)my ancestors were brought by the British from India and they worked so hard to build the country and now we have the same issue with immigrants especially Venezuelans who comes to my country illegally and does nothing but commits crime and the stupid government we have encourages it too by giving them work permits and getting good health care and our own people is suffering. Immigrants has no place in a next person's country and should get out. If they want stay in their own country and fix it dont go into another's person one and demand handouts and feel y'all have rights because no you do not period!!!

  5. Those immigration lawyers protesting have seeing enough atrocities committed by this nazi administration. 🗣The racist thug run away! 👊🏾💥🐷 #StandAndFightUp

  6. Liberals at work, shouting and screaming in frustration rather than presenting a dialogue is what they do best. Do not give these morons a minute worth of your time. Time and time again liberals have shown they have zero tolerant for anybody’s opinions other than their own. These are supposed to be grown men and women, and yet they act like entitled children. I’m a LEGAL immigrant of this country, and my parents and I went through the process like everyone else, you are not entitled to live anywhere you want, liberals. Countries have borders and laws for a reason.

  7. Is he speaking at the national Zoo!

  8. , I don't disagree about the comment that democracy requires dialogue. But why is this attitude and phrase only relevant when speaking to protesters in America? When protesters are in other countries like Hong Kong then no matter what they do violent or not it is praised as being a fight for democracy and aren't they Brave

  9. Like him or not let him talk. After he finishes question him thoroughly,thats your opportunity to say your peace.Democrats and republicans are guilty of not wanting to hear the other side but we need dialogue and open minds.

  10. and America begins to tire of the lies.
    it always ends with kids in cages.
    it begin with TRUTH TO POWER!

  11. The dangers of the welfare…

  12. Who's Ticket? Your Ticket Who's Ticket? Your Ticket…. COOOoooooo_________ooooooooOOOL! Lucky…WIth Gelatinas!

  13. We have a well funded government, and yet we have 22 million inside our borders who do not belong here. How is this immense failure of government possible?

  14. Just remember Black people, this is not our problem.

  15. Just remember Black people, this is not our problem.

  16. Why do they need to remain civil? Let's really look at this. If they were cheering him on, he would have been fine, and that would have been an acceptable practice of freedom of speech. But if you boo someone, then it's not free speech?

  17. Who let these POS protesters into the meeting?

  18. If you disagree and have a strong statement about any issue, you will be better heard speaking clearly than shouting. I couldn't understand what they were upset about.

  19. In 2015, the liberal 9th circuit extended the Flores agreement to include releasing accompanied minors, essentially forcing child separations if it took more than 20 days to process the accompanying adults’ claims, which it does when you have thousands a day trying to sneak through..

    Judge Gee ordered the release of the kids (family separations) because of widespread abuse of minors in custody by the obama admin, including kids naked in cages, dying strapped to tables, force-fed drugs, etc..

    How is Trump it this guy the bad guy?

  20. The disrupters should have bee n escorted out by law enforcement!
    Free speech doesn't mean you have the right to shout down who is asked to speak! Young kids don't understand that when you abuse "rights",they can be taken away! The behavior of a few can ruin it for everyone!

  21. Dang people! , be on the right side of the story. Let him speak and when the times come for him to take questions then you can grill him with arguments. This didn’t make you look good at all.

  22. He shouldn't have left. All he did was embolden those losers by giving in to their fascist tactics.

  23. This is a PITIFUL EXAMPLE of what these heathenous IDIOTS are like! There is NO respect given by them for ANYTHING that THEY do not agree with! If these are the future leaders and change makers…then WE are in HUGE TROUBLE!! Sickening!

  24. Why can't an adult in the area toss the screaming babies out? Maybe they are screaming because they are hungry, tired Thursday or have their diaper full of crap

  25. Why don't they just kick them out? I don't understand my countrymen any more.

  26. 👏 👏 WOO HOO! WAY TO GO. LIKE A BOSS. I’m THRILLED he walked away. Stop giving these psycho liberals your time and camera time. If they cannot carry on with proper debate, if their only way of “coping” is to scream like a bunch of banshees on crack, leave them to themselves. Absolute DISGRACE what is happening happening in our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!

  27. Not sure but maybe some people are tired of hearing the same comments just with different seasoning. People have hear the same thing with the same result. For those who are mad they want you to just keep believing that same topic because they are not affected by the results.

  28. Absolute overly entitled babies. Grow up, stop shrieking, and defend your ideas. If you dont, Trump will win again. But when I see this child like behavior I think maybe we deserve to lose to him again.

  29. Just another day in a western country of the early 21st century…

  30. Good 4 u. Walk away. Mindless idiots needs to SHUTUP , else jut pass whatever immigration laws u need to maintain sovereignty and keep them uninformed coz they refuse to stay sane and civil.

  31. Arrest them all for disorderly conduct…. Let them scream and shout in a court of law and then scream and shout as their getting 90 days in jail

  32. comunistic-morons crowd, they showing real face of “ democrats”

  33. While I ascribe to the ideas of the protestors about fighting back against unjust immigration practices.
    The location and tactics used make the protestors look like the villains they are supposed to be fighting against.
    I wonder if they see that they look bad and lost to battle of if they think they won something.

  34. GEO Group and CoreCivic, the two largest private prison operators, are major profiteers off of immigration detention. A 2016 report from In The Public Interest identified six banks as the primary financiers of GEO and CoreCivic. They are: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, SunTrust, U.S. Bancorp, and Wells Fargo. As of 2016, both companies had $$$$$$$$$900 million$$$$$$$$$ in
    lines of credit from this consortium of banks.

  35. Some dont get it, its not really about worth & progress, theirs a politically ideological fascist ethnic cleansing target of being tough on immigration to get votes for crony parisitic wealth distributing capitalist & power regardless if the negative demonizing scape goat rhetoric is proven to not be true, in not caring, just to achieve an agenda, kind of like that engineer lady in shindlers list yelling to take down a structure & not realizing the reality of her environment that she is to not to matter in receiving any recognition as a jew from nazis towards being executed as a result, in not opening her mouth and thread lightly & moving on towards doing what you need to do based on the reality of your situation, to make things happen and thats that, in not just talking to deaf ears for recognition & just receiving punishment from attracting negative attention, but to protest & fight back towards being infringed on, where the engineer lady in shindlers list was to realize the reality of her situation towards being targeted as an irrelevant person in being ethnically cleanse taken out, In order to have an idea how to approach things the right progressive way, IN FIGHTING BACK!

  36. And what are we protesting today Jimmy?
    Im not sure.
    You got the key talking points right?
    Yeah racism, sexism, xenophobia,

  37. Be Fair let the man speak. how do we know what's on his mind if he can't talk. All that yelling and screaming is changing nothing.

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