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Actor Danny Trejo saves baby trapped in car l ABC News

The actor looked like a real-life action star when he rushed to free a baby from a car seat after a two-car collision in Los Angeles.

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  1. They shouldn't have brought up the Dora movie

  2. That goofy bitch Monica. What an attention whore. The original video showed trejo getti getting interviewed and then in the background that stupid bitch runs over goofy as hell and tries to get in the way.

  3. Remember this guy also plays boots in the Dora movie

  4. He’s always the best actor almost all movies I seen but so very awesome!!!

  5. True hero , but they didnt mention the girl who unbuckled the seat belt from the little boy then rescued the grandmother as Danny Trejo comforted the little boy .. the girl is the one with the white clothing and cap that's being seen.. thank God for the both of them ..

  6. He is that kind of person that makes Hispanics look good. He is known by many cause of his movies yet decides to live in the valley just like if he wasn't movie star. I know he loves to hang around sylmar, close friends of family have met him and say he is humble as hell . 😁

  7. This is why I run his skin in blackout lol.

  8. I can never forget his head on top of a walking turtle.

  9. When our hero’s turn into real heroes. 👏🏼 absolutely amazed. Danny Trejo has always been a sweet man at heart we just now finally get to see how big of one he is. God Bless You Sir. May many more good blessings come your way. I pay it forward every day I can and I still haven’t been able to get good karma but I STILL do good towards others. People like him truly keep you going and push you to continue to do better things

  10. Damn Good human being and good actor❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. He's a paid actor people its all an act😒CGI

  12. Badass.
    (If you get the reference)

  13. I’ve always loved watching movies with Danny Trejo because he made the movie so interesting & worth watching…Way to go Trejo!!!

  14. 👌👍👌👍what a grate guy….and the lady too.u guys are awesome glad everyone made it out good…❤️

  15. Danny trejo…you r our hero!!! Viva machete!!!

  16. Watch out, tocayo. ICE may knock at your door at anytime to make sure you are legal. Specially if they don't know who you are.

  17. We can all be heroes.. save America.

  18. who are the 122 trolls that dislikes this??

  19. I thought all mexicans were rapist and murders why would my fat orange 5x draft dodging president lie to me?

  20. They actually made a Dora the Explorer movie? What?

  21. That kid couldn't even speak english……this country

  22. Thank God no one was seriously hurt.

  23. that's so cool trejo is the man thank GOD no one got hurt

  24. Danny Trejo…wow you're wonderful!

  25. Oh my goodness I love Danny Trejo. God bless for this heroic act.

  26. but president wants these folks hurt..wtf is wrong with being hispanic, americas a nightmare

  27. Will Stephanopolous tell us what he witnessed inside the mansion of Jeffrey Epstein?

  28. No way he's seventy five. He looks just like he did back in the eighties.

  29. Danny, you need help with your car give me a call. I will fix it for free…I’m an ASE, and Bosch certified Automotive Technician. For being a hero and an amazing human being give me a call I will help you with whatever you need. I worked as a Porsche,Mercedes, and BMW mechanic but can work on practically anything that has four wheels.if your in Covina,CA give me a call.

  30. He went on KNX News Radio here in Los Angeles that afternoon. I was listening to him live, great interview!

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