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Adoptive parents could face jail time in child’s age dispute l ABC News

Michael Barnett and his ex-wife Kristine, who claim their adopted daughter was much older than they thought, are accused by the state of Indiana of neglecting her.

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  1. Lol don't adopt kids and watch that scary movie

  2. The family she now lives with are one hell brave family. Omg how are they not scared

  3. No child can survive years alone. The adoptive parents left her with paid bills etc. Feel bad for these parents that shit is scary

  4. There is no point on blurring her face. Her face is shown on the Inside edition story

  5. She’d be as old as I am, 30 years old…

  6. Is it just me…..or does this story sound similar to the movie ‘Orphan’ 😐

  7. Lol why are the parents face jail time? People are so dumb

  8. That little bitch is my age! How did this happen?!?!


  10. This is her second adopted family…the first aren't talking. According to this persons math they left her on her own (with as much assistance as they could provide) at age 11 and with diagnoses mental health issues. She lived fine for a year until they quit paying her rent.

  11. YOU CANT ABANDON A 32 YEAR OLD CON ARTIST! What is even happening here?!? You can age people w their teeth it’s not that hard!!!!

  12. The orphan movie in real life… That girl been watching too many movies

  13. Orphan is getting a lot of publicity rn 😂

  14. We already know who she's living with now. I've seen pictures of the new family. Is it that hard for ABC to find that information? Haha

  15. ABC is a little late on this story 😑

  16. As an adoptive parent, i can believe this nightmare. Definitely


    At this point we all know that she is an adult. I feel like they should not be charged. They were tricked into adopting her . She should be in a psychiatric hospital or in a group home.

    also the Barnett's did not abandon her. They left her in an apartment they paid for her rent. They did everything in their willpower to keep her in the family ,at the end she's the one that caused them to leave her.

  18. Most interesting news story all year

  19. Holy shit,what a bizzar and weird story,never heard of this before!

  20. When they signed those adoption papers, they made it clear they were to take full responsibility for her well being. So if they don’t even know now what her true age is, means they didn’t even get her properly tested. They are just going by feelings and not facts. If they get away with this, this will allow more parents who adopt, be allow to abandon their child because of their feelings. For the protection of all involved, there are proper and legal ways to end an adoption. They went about this the wrong way, and are getting punished for it.

  21. What in the little man is going on here smh

  22. Don't judge so harshly cause we don't know the whole truth yet!!

  23. Weird thing is, there's been two bone density tests that showed she was 8 and 11 when they were done.

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