Monday , April 19 2021
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Aerials Show Aftermath Of Maine Explosion, Police Describe 'Total Devastation' | NBC News

A Farmington firefighter and at least seven others were killed after a gas explosion leveled an entire building housing a center for people with disabilities. The incident is currently under investigation.
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Aerials Show Aftermath Of Maine Explosion, Police Describe ‘Total Devastation’ | NBC News


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  1. Fake News! Just CGI cooked up by radical enviormentalists to push their anti American agenda!

  2. RIP Mr First Responder- American Hero!!

  3. If anyone wants to make a donation to the tri valley United way for the victims here's the link God bless

  4. Stop talking until you know what happened……please

  5. I guess before getting to the scene can they turn off the main pipeline for gas and know where propane tanks are stored ? How you defuse, ventilate , burn off, or water down the sources without danger I don't know. Were they able to evacuate people?

  6. I sell propane and…..BWAAAAAAA

  7. Praying for our community, the family of Mike Bell, and the injured

  8. Praying for families involved in this tragedy 🌲🌲

  9. It is just part of the Nazi trump and Moscow Mitch’s WAR ON THE 50% lower class of Americans. We lower class Americans are selfishly hogging a whole 1% of the great American wealth and the upper upperest class of 1% want it.

  10. The brother was 4 houses down from it

  11. Sorry, oh my god, I had the wrong story. So sorry for the loss

  12. We only lost one firefighter. Michael Bell, 68, brother of the fire chief. Four firefighters injured. One EMT from the ambulance crew injured and one employee. Please get your facts straight.

  13. Speechless. My sincerest condolences and continued prayers to the families for strength and endurance during this deeply sad time. My prayers also to all the people who responded to help. May the sense of community keep you all connected. 💐🙏🏽

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  15. That was just Hillary's server exploding.

  16. I live 16 miles from where this happened and felt it. Thought it was an earthquake.

  17. Sad,may he rest in peace, my condolences to his family..hope recovery to the ones in this explosion.

  18. Why is nobody talking about this

  19. My condolences to all the families involved in this tragedy. RIP to all lives lost.

  20. This is so sad. What can any of us do for the families?

  21. My condolences to all surviving family members!!!!

  22. Google Maps: MV38+FG Farmington, ME, EUA

  23. What it comes down to is that we use exposives, piped in, with metal components, from miles away to use as energy. Does anyone else see the abject stupidity in using 19th century tech for our modern world? WAKE UP! geeeez….

  24. First Saudi Arabia and now this. John Bolton is crazy!

  25. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Gas leak_ _ _ yeah right!!!

  26. Best wishes im sorry this happened

  27. Not keeping there Equipment UP 2 DATE 🚩🏴🚩. 🔥🔥🔥. Safety Regulations !!!

  28. My condolences to the families of the lost.

    RIP to all.

  29. Is terrorist? Gaz leak? Or no?

  30. How stupid do you think we are? That gas would had to have been filling that entire building to level a building like that, very supicious propane or a natural gas leak? which one is it your the professional. propane comes from a tank not the whole building if gas had been leaking all night into the building why was there only 1 person working 1+1 dose not add up to 2 they want us to belive 1+1 adds up to 3 really? And funny when they start wanting to get rid of natural gas now we are having explosions all of a sudden funny isn't it. They use people's fears to steer the agenda they want, house buildings and businesses and vehicles have been heated and power by natural gas for years why now all of a sudden do they want to get rid of natural gas ask yourself that,don't be blind sheep, think and research for yourself don't let the media steer your mind on things, think for yourself

  31. Yet ANOTHER Explosion this year!
    Thank Trump's Gutting Regulatory Agencies for the Deaths this year!!!!

  32. Thank God we dont use natural gas here.♻️

  33. Almost as bad as a solar panel explosions……

  34. When are the police going to put their foot down and demand infrastructure funding? We need your help. The government won't listen to us. How many more explosions till someone else dies?

  35. she don't lie..she don't lie…

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