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After US withdrawal, a heartbreaking look at growing humanitarian crisis in Syria | Nightline

Turkish forces have swarmed the region, hitting vulnerable U.S.-allied Kurdish forces hard. “Nightline” met with two families who suffered unspeakable loss amid the ongoing violence.


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  1. America should of never been there. The news is full of shit. War casualties have been happening for years but ABC only cares because Trump. All the shitty things Trump does but they really cant take him trying to end a regime change fantasy in Syria.

  2. Are the Syrians and Turks Qualified to solve their own problems ?

  3. India never trust US and China

  4. NO! Turkey is to blame for her death! Stop blaming America for everything! Where was Britain, France or Germany? Russia can go in and wipe out Turkey..

  5. Thats how it goes when u trust america kurdish fucking retards

  6. Thanx to USA and Israel who want ro destroy all arab countries housing shia muslims. But shia islam will win amd destroy all enemies soon. 2025 is the year you will se us as a superpower and superalliance.

  7. It's always very sad to see kids going through something they had nothing to do. YPG is a terrorist and Kurdish people shouldn't welcome them to their cities.

  8. youtube search ABC fake video the syrian bombing. If you did you should see a unbelievable lie and no apology. Remember ABC was pro invading iraq.

  9. I twice watched and very cried 😢😢😢😢

  10. A people of sympathy and bloody wars!! All the time, every time!!!

  11. This only proves that whatever the USA for it will not be enough. The middle East handled their problems before the white man let them handle now. Neither Syria or Turkey are in the interest of the USA. My taxes are outrageous and we spend trillions on wars in another hemisphere. I will never understand this even if fools volunteer to go.

  12. It's always either bloody colonization or USA behind every crisis… each one… they start trouble.. get their own kids killed.. get other people's kids killed and get to be "The greatest Nation In The World".. Assholes

  13. That lady was not dragged from her car and shot. She was raped repeatedly. Stoned. Then shot.

    This is Turkey getting rid of Kurdish influence in it's own country. In it's own government.

  14. Lord, i pray you keep them out of harm's way in Jesus name i pray amen.

  15. TRUMP you did this to this Girl, why you did this, The Kurds you Promised them a Homeland, then you did this to this girl who looks like Evanka Trumps Daughter.


  16. Trumps doing the right thing just like the us doesn’t invade Mexico to fight the cartels it shouldn’t be halfway across the world defending them

  17. If you ain’t crying idk what the fuck you are but you definitely ain’t human

  18. I don't feel sorry for the Kurds, they know this will happen

  19. Isn't even close to what happened in Yemen

  20. The elete that control all the world and profit from war may you die slowly and BURN IN HELL!!

  21. Tribute to terrorists. Thanks abc

  22. Do not lie to the supporters of terrorism.
    PKK and YPG that harm children
    He does not hit Turkey's Kurds.

  23. this was not a shock atack. u must leave the warzone. ypg using civilans as a shield.

  24. This war have been going on for years its not Americas war

  25. Remember when Obama pulled out allowing ISIS to rise up. Wasn't a problem then it's a problem now? Okay…

  26. My God help these people it so sad.

  27. We don't believe nothing the news post because we seen the leaked John McCain cell phone video of ISIS in a movie studio.

  28. Heart breaking over 28 troops moving to the east , GET REAL ! Besides US citizens has spoken and they want all troops home and if the government doesn't
    start respecting the will of the US people they will lose the country they try to control. Most likely to Russia or China.

  29. All of a sudden we are talking about casualties and refugees. how come no one was talking about this in the past when United States and Saudi Arabia were destabilizing Syria.


  31. Where's the UN? ABC is pushing fake news by airing the Kentucky gun show footage and playing it off as actual fighting in Syria.

  32. America cannot liberate it can only obliterate

  33. That`s how backstabbed people look like.

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