Saturday , January 22 2022
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AG Barr On Epstein Death: ‘Any Co-Conspirators Should Not Rest Easy’ | NBC News

Attorney General William Barr told the Fraternal Order of Police conference in New Orleans that the Justice Department is “learning of serious irregularities” at the New York City facility that held Jeffrey Epstein.
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AG Barr On Epstein Death: ‘Any Co-Conspirators Should Not Rest Easy’ | NBC News


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  1. @ William Barr We know if you honestly try to bring justice, you will be killed. We saw killings of law enforcement people who are trying to put hands in pedo network. I do not blame you for closing this case of Epstein. We know you have family friends have desire to be happy with life and family though you are unfortunate to born in a family that raised you as a destroyers of families, happiness of common people to serve the pedo elite.
    From Island of flipped Epstein:
    Epstein-Maxwell operation. Its foul activities went on for 25 years. It was known to law enforcement authorities all the time.
    With the connivance of the highest authorities in Washington, this mockery of Epstein suicide is a mockery and insult to rule of law and justice system in USA though justice system, FBI prison all are now occupied by Black Rock corporation which owns GoldmanSachs too.
    The most grotesque aspect of this sinister criminal ring was the knowing participation of dozens of members of the highest echelons of the American elite – possibly including two occupants of the White House.
    We peer into THE GLOOM FOR HILLARY BEARING THE TORCH OF WOMEN’S EMANCIPATION. Standing she is on side of women’s right but on side of rights of Madam Mosad agent Maxwell the groomer of Lolitas supplied to various corners of powerful class worldwide.
    We anticipate The New York Times’ mea culpa as to why they ignored the story of Lolita supply business of EpsteinMaxwell for a quarter century. However I really do not blame MSM as I have the records how many journos of BBC were killed oh! sorry suicided when they try to investigate in pedo network.
    Even when Lolita clientele did not blink their eyes killing the head of child trafficking department of Ottawa Police ( Canada Capital) in his own office a few blocks away from where I am sitting and writing this now, I really have no reason to blame MSM journos.
    After all, these odious crimes occurred on American soil, committed almost exclusively by Americans. The Clinton Foundation would be the logical place to ask for financial support. There is an ancient Crusader saying: “first the feast, then the morals.”

  2. This Friday, August 30th, will mark 100 days since President Trump granted Bill Barr with the authority to declassify any/all documents (May 23rd). To date nothing has been declassified by the Department of Justice.

  3. The point we always miss is that children from aspiring power grabbers from politicians, spy agencies, judges, corporate people are the first one who have no escape route from their pedo family network. BushSr sacrificed his daughter in order to perform black magic to increase his powerbase, sodomized his kids and may be grand kids as well. Given the record of Clinton, it is more likely Chelsea got fondled by her father as a baby, infant, young girl.
    One more point to address, daughters of Clinton, Trump are now in the hands of Israeli controllers of Washington DC in name of marriage. So they are hapless sexual victims too if not abused in their childhood. Watch what will happen to rented kids of ObamaLGBTduo.
    @ World.

  4. Days after a US court accused him of financing his political campaign with cocaine profits, and while his brother languishes in a Florida jail for drug trafficking, the Honduran president who stole the 2017 election is greeted by DHS. And the Beltway media & Congress are silent.

  5. Where are the body cams in the Seth Rich Murder?

    They’ve been released in Las Vegas and Parkland, but not in this case?

    4 of 6 responding officers were wearing them.

    He was alive and talking according to what first responders told his family.

    Why are FOIAs denied?

  6. Have you felt ever appalled on yourself for instructing FBI investigators to remove and hide files on Iran contra crime?

  7. I personally “would not want to be in Mr. W. Barr’s CROSS HAIRS” 🦅🏹. as always the Word 🔍✝️🙇🏻‍♀️ states All Hidden Sin will be yelled out on the Rooftops! God Bless our Freedoms and our Beloved Country 🙏🏽🤔🇺🇸🕊

  8. Easy to read a liar, I am speaking to you sir

  9. Wasn't it Bill Barr who stonewalled the Church Committee hearings in the late 1970's, keeping evidence of the CIA using rings like this to blackmail key people (sexual blackmail)? Didn't Acosta say in testimony that Epstein was with intelligence? Didn't he also work for the same law firm that defended Epstein? Didn't Barr's father hire Epstein? How come this is not being reported?

  10. Is it true he meet with Epstein prior to his death ???

  11. What is the flag behind him that looks like the Confederate flag?

  12. AG Barr is the BEST!! Bring the Clinton Cartel down once and for ALL!!

  13. William Barr is a Liar. Mueller said Trump obstructed Justice. Barr did not tell the truth to the American people and told some tail of Trump getting away with obstruction. Way back Barr wrote an advisory opinion justifying the U.S. invasion of Panama and arrest of Manuel Noriega.[13] He wrote legal justifications for the practice of rendition,[14] so that the FBI could enter onto foreign soil without the consent of the host government to apprehend fugitives wanted by the United States government for terrorism or drug-trafficking.[13] Barr declined a congressional request for the full opinion, but instead provided a document that "summarizes the principal conclusions." Congress subpoenaed the opinion, and its public release after Barr's departure from the Justice Department showed he had omitted significant findings in the opinion from his summary document. Barr is a Liar: Like legally a Liar.[15]

  14. Clearly a case of Epstein-Barr syndrome….

  15. Barr assures the nation that his DOJ will prosecute all Democrats to the fullest extent of the law

  16. It was so important to you and trump that you him killed

  17. 🔔 i can't wait to read barrs half page report on this "thorough investigation" 🤔

  18. I'm supposed to believe you William Barr after you told a lie about the Mueller report.

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