AG Garland greenlighting Trump raid without alerting Biden is 'disturbing': McGurn

WSJ Editorial Board member William McGurn argues Biden owes Americans an explanation for the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

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  1. Trump is still the President. Get with the program!!

  2. These Liberal puppets will meet their demise very soon. MAGA 2024 and beyond.

  3. This is the Democrats in Congress pushing the Department of Justice agenda of targeting Trump, planting evidence on Trump and then trying to convict him of a crime, just like they did in impeachment 1, and impeachment 2. And even after they got caught fabricating evidence Nancy Pelosi said "we don't need evidence our accusations are better than evidence" then was repeated by every Democrat and news Outlet..

  4. Yet another breakdown in the chain of command !
    So who's leading the country ?
    Evidently not Biden.

  5. Oh Hell yeah Sleepy Creepy Joe knew – probably ordered it. I am sick and tired of this corrupt administration treating we, the people like drooling morons!

  6. I think Biden would have fired Garland if he really had not been informed about the raid before hand.

  7. What a monster.hate and lies are his life.

  8. Biden is not in charge, his bosses told Garland to do this, Joe didn’t need to know.

  9. Its also a lie. He wouldn't have done that without a ok or order by the white house. Biden knew and approved.


  11. Well that's contradictive! It has been stated by the msm that Brandon signed off!

  12. Of course Biden knew it. They kept his name out because of midterms

  13. Now we know why Garland was rightfully blocked from the Supreme Court.

  14. President Biden like other presidents before him cannot and should not interfere with the work of DOJ. the President and Vice President receive briefings called PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) and that is DOJ, FBI, CIA, Intelligence, and NSA briefing POTUS and VP on hot spots across the world. Not U.S.A investigations from DOJ. I can promise yall that.

  15. Come on man. Biden had gone nappy time. Besides he doesn't understand things when he first wakes up. Or any other time.

  16. I smell a rat 🐀 the Dems are out to play. Garland is lying.

  17. Not informing Biden was a major mistake. This left Biden's handlers in the dark.

    Merrick Garland has made himself out to be such a hapless character. To think he was nominated by Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court. What a disaster he would have been if confirmed.

  18. Pistol whipped Garland initiated it, don’t ya know. Clueless Obiden #2 was, and remains, clueless Obiden #2.

  19. Biden knew! That’s why they shuffled him off on vacation!

  20. There is so much lies and stuff like that you don’t know what to believe or not believe. You can’t trust anything or anyone who lied about anything anymore because if are doing this thing to one person who knows if you won’t be doing it to everyone that you are not getting along with. Or they are setting you up for the fall guy.????? You will be doing them a favor for nothing but lies.

  21. I don’t believe anything they day

  22. Just imagine if GARLAND was actually on the Supreme Court for life. Thank God he did not get on the court.

  23. Can we all just stop giving Garland the benefit of the doubt and playing "what if" scenarios based on his lies?
    Just call out the lies up front and stop wasting everyone's time.

  24. Why tell Biden, he would have just forgot about it in a few minutes anyway.

  25. If u believe biden wasn't informed you must be working for the msm

  26. not true that Byeden was not alerted, garlic needs to go back to selling shoes

  27. That is total BS, Garland would never have the courage to do this alone, Joe ordered this. Hey Joe, look what happened to Liz tonight, that is what will happen to your party, you just handed Trump an easy win with this stupid stunt.

  28. Won’t release affidavit because Biden’s name is on it.

  29. Certainly some sentient being (that leaves out Dementia Joe) in the White House knew about the raid.

  30. I agree that this is a game. But I think President Trump has the mental advantage 🤔

  31. Oh just shout up.If Biden knew you are
    Upset is he did not know you are upset.
    You are just morons.

  32. The establishment are panicking so many people will go to jail when Trump gets reelected that's what this is about that includes the Bidens.

  33. I have absolutely no doubt Biden put his stamp of approval on that raid. Why do you think he took off on vacation with his sorry son the day after. Because the FBI knew we Americans would be angry.

  34. Biden don't no his name

  35. Maga is a roller coaster of flip flopping lies and narratives, yes, we are all getting whiplash.

  36. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, there's not going to be any justice, but Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, retribution is coming!

  37. Joe Biden forgot he shook Chuck Schumer‘s hand last 10/10 seconds after he shook his hand this was just last week. So yeah he would’ve forgot by the next day anyhow.

  38. The DOJ is supposed to be separate from the executive, although I know this was not true during trumps time.