AG Moody calls for FBI to be 'transparent' following Trump Mar-a-Lago raid

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody reacts to FBI raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and demands answers for the American public.

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  1. Why doesn't trump release the warrent?

  2. I have watched at least 5 different news reports on this raid from fox news. NOT 1 comment from 1 democratic trump hater. not one screaming with ecstacy about trumps house being raided and yelling with glee to put him in prison. Makes me wonder how these people can turn on a dime. Kind of like going from male to female overnight I guess

  3. DeSantis FIRES the Magistrate !

  4. Asking the FBI to be transparent is like asking a Democrat to tell.the truth
    It ain't gonna happen.

  5. how did they know he had a safe, they took a safe cracker, one of president trumps secret service must have leaked when he would be gone and what he had so the fbi wouldn't have to fight the secret service, and to get our minds off this schumer, manchin, sinema, inflation bill??????????????????????????


  7. The FBI and DOJ are a gang with badges and they are for hire. Their #1 enemy is the American Conservative Republican. The new 87000 IRS will attack the rest of you.

  8. If you believe what the Biden White House says, then I have some vacation property to sell you in Afghanistan.

  9. Biden, Garland, Schiff, Schumer get Trump anyway possible. TRAITORS every darn one of these so called men.

  10. Corupt government corupt FBI corupt McConnell. MAGA.

  11. You have to be Nieve to think they will be transparent .Remember schiffty schiff's we have a whistle blower..ALL B.S.

  12. B.S. Dem biased Stalinist DOJ & FBI "Crossed the Rubicon" by raiding a former US President's home!! Disgraceful FBI “Gestapo” – CIA & DOJ & Dems & Fake News all colluded in crimes & spread phony Russia story against Republicans & Trump… and Dems & FBI, CIA & DOJ are ALL totally CORRUPT! Where was FBI when Hillary deleted 33,000 US Gov’t emails! Where was FBI when Hunter’s laptop proved bribes & collusion with China & Russia??!

  13. They kicked his lawyers out you have the right to have a lawyer on your own property watching a search warrant being executed this is insane and criminal!

  14. OH, no Democrats endorse President Trump. Fun fact the so-called classified documents they claim to be wanting are not classified any longer and have not been for at least a year. They are doing the same thing as they have already done before. They are on a fishing expedition

  15. I can't wait till Trump publishes the search warrant. I think he's the only one who can legally do so.

  16. Trunp has the warrant. He should publish it.

  17. The common people of America who go to work 40 50 60 70 hours a week needs to step up now these politicians have to go they're killing this country right before your eyes wake up America

  18. They don't want him to win in 2024… They can plant documents on him. Just to stop him from moving far they know the American people 😘💓 him n his family. I can only pray for him and his family ,for our Lord to keep him safe and his family….

  19. Following orders is an insufficient defense. If any wrong doing is found with the warrantor the search itself. The line agents should be prosecuted for rights violations by the state. Fines and jail time should be mandatory in a state prison.

  20. What a disgrace to this country. America is looking more and more like the 30's Germany. I wouldn't be surprised to see a "Night of Broken Glass" unleashed on all non-Democrats by the Justice Department and their brown shirt equivalents, the FBI.

  21. Let the attorney general of “Florida” speak. “Document dispute” LOL

  22. FBI: Define Transparent…

  23. Too late, they have lost all integrity! Never to be trusted again.

  24. She is right – this search warrant to emergency search is exactly the type of warrant a democrat A.G would issue. It covers exactly wat democrat pedo's wuld do if they were busted with illegal papers & kids from 3rd world countries they 'imported'.

  25. This is a witch hunt fishing expedition. Illegal search and seizure.

  26. American are afraid to raise taxes for soon

  27. The world media will publish the wrongdoings of the US Justice system DOJ to the FBI bringing the attack on President Trump's home on the Florida home, Mar A largo & NY and transmit without a federal subpoena, the The purpose of their investigation is not clear, what is the old document? The media around the world will evaluate the political game Partisan Justice system Justice does not follow the constitution and law The Attorney General for the FBI attacked President Trump's home The FBI wants to prevent Trump from running for office in 2024 Will the left-wing media dare to come face to face with 320 million Americans? The political game of the Left Party will be exposed to the press and media around the world. Do 320 million Americans still believe in the free-electing Left Party according to the US constitution? That day the end of the Left Party is about to be revealed The Democratic Party challenges the political party in the style of socialist dictatorship.

  28. Does the FBI receive orders from the DOJ have any evidence? Is there a subpoena in federal court? If you want to prosecute President Trump with evidence, then meet at the Supreme Court. The FBI does not have the right to enter Mar Largo's mansion on the pretext of finding FBI investigation documents for abuse of power without a search warrant. violate the property and business of President Trump and President Trump can call Governor Ron Desantis to send the National Guard to protect and arrest the FBI for illegal intrusion to investigate. DOJ & FBI take orders from anyone, we will reveal everything. The FBI brought a gun into President Trump's home and acted in a communist style, killing people with silence
    this is a political game of the Democratic Party to prevent President Trump from running for President in 2024 Can Democrats prevent 75 million MAGA from supporting Trump?

  29. Garland Merrick & Christopher take the blame for Joe Biden, they must be removed

  30. How come the FBI hasn't had a pres conference on it you thank there trying too get there lies together owe ya they can't talk about it just like on senators floor

  31. Next step is raid into Trump Supporters , IRS and jobs
    Business owners and go on
    We The People

  32. This AG is a political hack. The FBI owes you nothing at this stage and anyone who attended law school knows it.

  33. dear Fox. Trump got the search warrant, he could post it any time he wants…. guess why he won't…. because it transperantly shows what he is accused of.

    … The FBI can't make it public, but Trump can, but he won't

  34. did trump take the papers that say fauci and oboma funded wuhan.?

  35. As far as the democrats are concerned Trump is always considered guilty until he can prove his innocence. Sounds like just another democratic fishing expedition to me.

  36. I don't know about anybody else but it makes me disgusted when they call him the AG he's as big or bigger poser than droopy eyes Biden

  37. They wanted to create FEAR with their weapons and the darkness etc. I guess we know why Democrats want to disarm citizens .Notice the FBI held Automatic " assault" weapons.

  38. AG Moody is a buffoon. How many subpoenas has Trump ignored? Dozens. 3:33 Dagan is so anti law enforcement. Anti FBI. No wonder crime is sky high. Republicans ignore it.

  39. This is has me fuming 🇺🇲God Bless our President Donald Trump 🇺🇸 MAGA semper Fidelis

  40. Trust for the federal gov, fbi and all the other three letter justice institutions have circled the shitter and gone by way of the septic system.

  41. Ashley Moody must have gotten her job by affirmative action. FBI did threaten Clinton with her private server. Clinton allowed the FBI to take her server away. With Trump they knew he had CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS and they were requested to be returned to the archive. Trump never did return those documents. FBI went in there to get them. AG Moody should know better that anyone possessing classified data is going to get raid especially if the FBI knows about it. You ignore repeated requests to have the documents returned. Apparently Moody wants to move up in the government herself one day so she's playing politics. WE GET IT!!!

  42. I'll bet they've planted bugs all over the president s house too Devilcrats corruptions is the most disgusting abuse of power I've ever seen or heard of .

  43. This stunt of the FBI will help Trump get more votes. The American people don't like the way this was handled. It has the appearance of being totally political.