Monday , November 30 2020
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Agarkar: Kohli's greatness lies in making his tons count

Virat Kohli brought up his highest Test score in the second Test against South Africa in Pune

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  1. Ajit agarkar should make its own you tube channel

  2. Virat Kohli's batting is living, exquisite art. Simply sublime. A real pleasure to watch.

  3. All if Virat Kohli double hundreds gave come in India. Looking forward to a few on foreign soil..

  4. Cricket sabse boring game ho gaya
    Team standard down ho gaya he
    90 s 2000 me jo maja ata tha aaj utnahi
    Bassi ho gaya he
    Ek jamane me sa kya team hoti thi
    Abhi ki sa pe taras ata he
    N Kohli to gasit ghasit ke marata he to
    Bicharo pe daya ata he

  5. Don't let you distract from the fact kohli chokes in icc world Cup semi final twice out on 1 both the world Cup 2015 & 19 fails under pressure

  6. King Kohli 🔥🔥

  7. Virat kohli is the king of cricket no doubt about it jai king kohli you are my god👑👑😎😎🔥🔥

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