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Ahmaud Arbery shooting witness says he's getting death threats | USA TODAY

‘They’ve scared me’: Man who taped Ahmaud Arbery shooting says he’s gotten death threats.
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William Bryan says he has lost his job and received death threats after the video of Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting was made public.

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  1. Coward!! He was part of it!
    He tried to block/run over ahmaud arbery but failed. Reason why ahmaud arbery was running for his life.
    He also had a gun in his vehicle. You can clearly hear it on the video.

    Their plan backfired.
    The other two Cowards snitched on him.
    Always the truth comes to light.

  2. What were you doing recording and not helping? STFU!

  3. My question is when he's getting the threats is he basically saying it's from black people or his own kind because I think it's from his own kind for snitching he needs to be very specific but it sounds like he's stating allegedly it's black people because he states again in his statement is that his sorry for your loss and the only person who died was the black man

  4. Probably receiving death threats from the local chapter of his Kkklansmen considering the fact that he basically snitched. Better move 🤷🏾‍♀️ maybe he should’ve minded his business.

  5. This guy was following the chase on the wrong side of the road – trying to block Ahmaud in. He was in on the whole thing. He was trying to help the other two get Ahmaud. He deserves all the hate he gets.


    Think of how many gentrified communities have joggers that the community doesn't "know". Do the residents of those under-siege communities get into trucks and hunt down WHYte joggers?!

  7. He is not a witness. He is an accomplice.

  8. The only crime here it’s that dudes chili bowl haircut looking ass boy. He need Jesus and a Puerto Rican barber to fix that bowl of crap he has on his head. Damn 🙅🏽‍♂️ 🧢

  9. It took them 74 days to threaten him. Who is threatening him…

  10. Bottom line…you knew this injustice had occurred and you did nothing to help this grieving family the day it happened.

  11. He’s probably gotten a fair amount of death threats from the McMichaels, the two DAs and their cronies in LE. They probably told him to keep his mouth shut about the video and what really happened during the shooting or else. Clearly, intimidation by lethal force has been a way to control people in that little town. It’s good the GBI is investigating them now.

  12. Make his life hell 😈🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Where did you get the nerve to talk like this? You should have been in prison!

  14. That is horrible!!! Death threats?!?!? He had a right to film it for the sake of honesty and truth later!!! If the outcome was different they would be giving him praise!!!

  15. he was an idiot to talk to fake news. CBS has already altered the killing video so the fatal shot is before the punch to the face. All the construction site video has been edited too with most of it missing. This is about the election, not justice.

  16. He's getting death threats because of the lying ass media. They've lied about this story from the beginning!

  17. They need to threaten his barber 💈

  18. Mister McMichael dint means no harms!! He a GUD wite man …jus a lil accident that’s awl !! Oh Lordie LUVS them so !!!

    😒😒😒😒 Get the fuc* out of here !!

  19. Act properly contrite or the Communist hordes will tear you limb from limb. I've seen this video.

  20. The real question is why does my man cut his hair like this?


  22. Your going down buddy. YOU will be sorry for YOUR loss very soon.

  23. We must hold each other to a higher standard and stomp out the wickedness that is racism. It’s not enough to ostracize the haters because they’ll only go underground. We must go beyond this.

  24. There is no justification for what those 2 thugs did to that man. It's not illegal to check a construction site in that state. Reports say he didn't take anything. He wasn't bugging anyone. They did not need to have guns when confronting him. They could have called police and followed him in there car. No need to stop and block the road. I know the media is having a field day with this. Doesn't change the fact it was wrong. I think it's a hate crime. If you dont think it's a hate crime you still cant say they weren't wrong for what they did. If you dont think so your either a immoral or racist person. I hope these savages get what's coming to them

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