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Air travel in multiple states impacted by fuel shortages l GMA

Airports in cities like Charlotte and Nashville are trying to conserve as much fuel as possible to avoid canceling flights as some states face supply issues brought on by the Colonial Pipeline hack.

Gas prices hit $3 a gallon for 1st time in nearly 7 years amid Colonial Pipeline saga:

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. time to cut fossil fuel dependence?

  2. Just the Government playing with you all again!

  3. Electric cars need to be made cheaper and more electric recharge stations for them are needed nation wide.

  4. Good job Joe, shutting down the fuel source for you're bullshit plan. We need him out.

  5. You can thank the criminal administration squatting in the white house. Biden is a complete piece of 💩.

  6. O-Biden fixed this already.

  7. Under Trump we were energy independent…….good job bidophiles….LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Pollution ain't coming from China…

  9. How is it a pipeline being down for a day can cause so many problems in the USA??

  10. Note LIBERAL SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS have all three? You do understand that most if not all electric cars are charged by gas, or coal some nuclear?

  11. Sounds like Russia pulling moves.

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  14. So… air travel is NOT impacted? You said it yourself. Zero cancelled flights.

  15. Welcome to biden's America. That didn't take long

  16. We Americans can’t get a break for nothing to save our lives lol Damn smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. I thought Biden was writing an executive that all airplanes have to be electronic

  18. This is the story that plays in the background in a movie because it’s so boring that you can focus on the main characters’ dialogue.

  19. Yet another clickbait title from ABC News. So sick of seeing this garbage making a situation seem a lot worse than it is.

  20. Thank you, President Biden

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