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aka SEOUL: A Korean Adoptee Story (Part 1 of 7) | NBC Asian America

In part 1 of “aka SEOUL,” alternative rapper and Korean adoptee Dan Matthews returns to Korea three years after meeting his biological family, and brings his mothers together for the first time.

“aka SEOUL” is a follow up to the documentary series “aka DAN,” which chronicled the 2013 journey of alternative rapper and Korean adoptee Dan Matthews as he reconnected with his biological family, including a twin brother he never knew about. Three years later, audiences will see Matthews and four other Korean adoptees visit Korea during the summer of 2016 and shed light on other aspects of the adoptee identity.

Featuring: Dan Matthews (, Chelsea Katsaros, Siri Szemenkar, Min Matson, Peter Boskey
Director: Jon Maxwell
Executive Producer: Dan Matthews, International Secret Agents (ISAtv)
Producing Supervisor: Traci G. Lee
Director of Photography: Ray Huang
Editor: Marcus Valerio
Production: Rommel Andaya
Producer: Rebecca Jung, KP
Music Supervisor: Chanda Dancy-Morizawa

Title Track – Rell The Soundbender ft. Satica – Bloom
Special Thanks: Tim, Kim, and Jackie Holm, & 2016 IKAA Gathering and Staff, Jasmine Lee
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aka SEOUL: A Korean Adoptee Story (Part 1 of 7) | NBC Asian America


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  1. Live is beautifull this way….. I wish them a lot of love and health so they can enjoy their time on earth.

  2. "We really didn't have a language barrier"… BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. I've just watched all documentaries of Dan's. Every single ones made me cry. Lol. I can't tell If this is really touching video and others feel it in the same way or just because of I 'm getting old. hehe. Anyways thank you guys doing great job.

  4. Wow, I'm completely and profoundly touched by your amazing journey documenting your inspirational adoption story. Both your mom's are virtuous, incredible, graceful and strong women! You may have lost your biological mom initially but you've now gained TWO MOM's who love and adore you for life! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MISSION TO HELP OTHERS BRIDGE THE GAP WITH THEIR ROOTS. 🙏🏻❣️🙏🏻

  5. He has such a healthy view of his adoption. Some adoptees, especially international, struggle with feelings of deep rejection and unforgiveness… and understandably so. But it's good to see both biological and adoptive families come together and support each other.

  6. 근데 이분 왜 입양 간거에요?

  7. Mrs Matthews is a terrific person. She did an amazing job!! Congrats!

  8. What an amazing and incredible mom. So much light and love to you wonderful woman!!!!

  9. How come Dan sister was not there when the two moms met ?

  10. Happy to hear an update on Dan and his family. Excited to see that his Moms got to meet.

  11. I’m in love with these moms!

  12. 사정이 있어 입양을 보낸 친부모님도 입양해서 키워주신 양부모님도 모두 좋은분들 같아요. 바르게 잘 큰 모습을 보니 흐뭇합니다.

  13. I love you Dan <3 You really gave adoptees more of a platform and a voice and I really look up to you for that. Much respect my man!

  14. Dan's biological mom has a wonderful smile!

  15. For anyone searching for their birth parents, G.O.A.L. Is probably a good place to start. I never contacted them, but seems like a solid org.

  16. The sibling thing will make the relationship last forever. I don’t have a twin, but have 2 biological siblings (6 and 8 years younger). I’ve kept in touch mostly with my sister since I met my family, but there have been gaps in communication (mostly because I am weird).

    Also, my situation is odd since I have 3 Korean aunts / uncles in the states.

  17. Your adoptee mom is so amazing,as well your biological parents.I wish you all the happiness.

  18. I love how Dan has love for both his Moms and families!! He doesn't seem bitter to either one. Some stories I've seen, the kid resents one family. He is a very beautiful, respectful and empathetic person. I am so glad the American mom was respectful of the Korean family because some American families who adopt don't have respect for the culture of origin. Both the biological and adopted family are awesome!

  19. thank you so much for sharing the story!! it's very touching!! As a Korean mother, I understand why Korean woman who gives up her baby in so many reasons. But in her heart, she have never forgotten her baby and have never stopped to love her baby. thank you for the lovely story!!

  20. Wait I thought his brothers name was Kisesong? It’s it JiSiong? Or am I just pronouncing it wrong.

  21. This is how mature mothers take responsibility to keep our world beautiful. ❤ Open doors and options. 😍

  22. SOOOOO wonderful for you Dan, your mom & Biological mom. Maybe I missed it…but wheres your adopted dad?

  23. awww im so happy both his mom met !!

  24. Wow! I would like to adopt a child 🙂

  25. I feel like dan's foster mom has similar feature with Dan too

  26. This boy is just trying to gain popularity through media.. but im sorry u lack talent as an artist mate

  27. Dans adoptedcmom hus mom is a beautiful soul

  28. It's nice to be surrounded by so much love. Your mom did a great job!!

  29. Dan is so lucky. His mother who raised him is an awesome big hearted lady.

  30. I just finished watching his story about meeting his biological family and I liked it so much ,,, now I am looking forward to these new stories …

  31. lol so what i got from this is that homeboy has no intention of learning Korean ever

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